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Constantly trying out the latest fad diet to try and lose weight quickly? You're not alone, but there is another effective way to slim without the stress. Almased® is a scientifically proven weight loss programme that really does work. Here are 5 reasons to try it:

1.Weight loss Losing weight never feels easy – until you find a plan that works for you. Almased® is the perfect option, thanks to its clinically tested formula:

Soya keeps you full for longer, gives you energy and provides protein for muscles.

Yogurt cultures have a positive effect on your intestinal flora, strengthen the immune system and help with digestion.

Honey gives a pleasantly sweet taste. The enzymes in the raw liquid, natural honey support digestion and settle the stomach.

One Almased® meal replacement (about 180kcal) keeps you full for about four hours, but because your blood sugar levels will stay stable, you won't get cravings. It supports metabolic activity so you'll feel like being active and full of energy to take on your daily tasks.

2.Other health benefits Almased® contains important nutrients your body needs, so you can feel confident that you're giving your body the best. The formula contains no preservatives, artificial fillers or flavours, and only naturally occurring sugars. It's also gluten free, vegetarian and suitable for those with diabetes.

3.Its ingredients won't leave you feeling confused Soya, yogurt and honey with added vitamins and minerals– a delicious mix, with no preservatives, artificial fillers or flavours. Perfect!

4.10 million cans sold in Germany last year Almased® is already a favourite in Germany. As the No.1 selling weight loss product in the country, we're following in their footsteps here in the UK.

5.It won't break the bank Forget costly personal trainers and meal delivery services – Almased® is an affordable way to lose weight and feel healthier. Available exclusively in Boots stores, it costs just £22.95 for 10 meals. Find out more at

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