5 Food Swaps For Healthy Skin

Some healthy foods can actually make problem skin worse by triggering breakouts or redness. Find out if your diet is damaging your complexion...

Could your daily diet and food intake be damaging your complexion? Surprisingly, even some foods that we consider to be ‘healthy’ can aggravate problem skin and make it worse by triggering break outs in spots of redness or rosacea. In general, good foods for healthy skin contain high water content and will hydrate and refresh your skin. Of course, drinking lots of water as well as following these dietary guidelines of foods to avoid, will also work wonders. If you make a conscious effort to drink more and increase your intake of foods for healthy skin you can keep your skin hydrated and hopefully keep your complexion clear.

Eating food for healthy skin and steering clear of foods with high salt content or containing damaging substances as they can cause any problematic skin conditions to flare up, will improve your skin condition rather than worsen it.

In this gallery we have pulled together some of the facts, exposing certain ‘healthy’ foods to actually be aggravators of problem skin rather than aid it to good condition. For all of the named and shamed foods to avoid, we offer an alternative “Why not try?” solution, finding another source of nutrients that will help resolve problem skin rather than aggravate it.

We also explore the facts behind food and drinks that we know aren’t particularly good for us, investigating why. If you can learn to swap foods that worsen your problematic skin condition with foods for healthy skin, your skin will become hydrated, and hopefully less problematic.

One of our top foods to avoid? It’s the ultimate comfort food, but pasta is one of the worst culprits for causing breakouts. Any increase in the body’s glucose and insulin levels puts stress on the liver which prompts the release of a regulating hormone called IGF-1. Dermatologists have linked this hormone with acne.

Why not try? Quinoa, which is packed with protein to replenish and rebuild the skin.

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