12 Superfoods For Healthy Hair

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  • Feed your hair with the right nutrient rich superfoods for a healthy glow and strong, luscious locks...

    Foods for healthy hair – can you eat your way to glossier tresses?

    During the winter months, we are all guilty of constantly brushing our hair to keep a reign on windswept locks and frizz caused by the damp, windy weather; cold spells and constant hat wearing can be troublesome for our tresses. Modern day hair styling tools, such as hair dryers and straighteners, use heat to shape and mould our hair and can result in dried out, split ends, leaving hair looking lack-luster and tired.

When it comes protecting your locks to maintain strong, healthy hair, there is only so much that deep conditioning treatments and hair masks can do. The secret to long-term hair health is a diet rich in all the right nutrients. Feeding your hair with the right super foods will work from the inside out to give your hair a healthy glow. 

    Protein, omega-3, vitamins A and C, and iron are all essential for keeping your locks in tip-top health. If you’re trying to grow healthy hair, a protein-rich diet made up of foods for healthy hair is key. 

    During the winter months, central heating and constant temperature change between the cold outdoors and warm indoors can irritate the scalp making it itchy and uncomfortable. There are several topical solutions and shampoos that promise to soothe and combat irritated scalps but the key to maintaining a healthy scalp is in your intake of vital vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acid is found in the cell membranes of the scalp, and makes up about 3% of the hair’s shaft. It therefore goes without saying that a diet rich in omega-3 is crucial for nourished, hydrated hair and a healthy scalp. 

    We’ve picked the 12 best foods for healthy hair and a healthy scalp. To make it easier for you to incorporate these vital nutrients into your diet, we’ve included our favourite W&H recipes, rich in these ingredients.

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