Red Wine Hot Chocolate – We Tried The Foodie Trend Everyone’s Talking About

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  • As the long nights draw in during winter, there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a comfy blanket and a hot cup of hot chocolate. Or so we thought. The latest trend sweeping the internet right now is wine hot chocolate, and it’s got us all confused about how we feel.

    So in the name of research, because we’re committed like that, we thought we would go ahead and give red wine hot chocolate a go in our test kitchen.

    Here’s how we got on, and a little bit about this trend…

    What is red wine hot chocolate?

    It’s the grown-up version of hot chocolate, that people can’t seem to get enough of right now on Instagram. Much like regular hot chocolate, it’s being served with either marshmallows or whipped cream, or both. Unlike other boozy hot chocolate recipes that might have a thimble of Bailey’s, rum or brandy in them, red wine hot chocolate is nearly equal quantities of wine and milk which makes it quite punchy.

    It sounds like the ultimate treat after a long day and a comfy night indoors.[instagram] [/instagram]
    Looking at it, it does look very tempting and because we love chocolate and we love wine in the office, we naturally had to try it for ourselves. We found a recipe online using milk, dark chocolate and wine and decided to give it a go in our test kitchen.


    How to make red wine hot chocolate

    It seemed easy enough, so after melting the chocolate in the milk on the hob, we poured the wine in. As we went to pour it in our mugs, we realised it had separated, so we had to pour it back into the pan and whisk it until smooth again and then pour back out into a mug. Here is what ours looked like.

    What we thought about red wine hot chocolate

    It looked like hot chocolate and it smelled like it, but it was definitely carrying a red wine kick. Although it wasn’t quite to our tastes – it was incredibly rich and we couldn’t quite work out why you would go halfway between mulled wine and hot chocolate for it – we could see how it might appeal to those weary of the cold winter nights and needing a little warming up from the inside out.

    If you want to skip out on the wine and make a classic homemade hot chocolate, our ultimate hot chocolate drink is a cut above the rest and perfect with loads of indulgent whipped cream on top.SaveSaveSaveSaveSave