7 simple Baileys recipes for delicious desserts

Delicious Baileys recipes for simple yet impressive desserts, discover seven things you didn't know you could make with a bottle of Baileys this Christmas...

A composite image of four different Baileys recipes; a Baileys chocolate bombe on a gold cake stand, two slices of Baileys chocolate torte on white plates with gold spoons, a Baileys roulade on a gold platter and a cheese cake on a gold cake stand with fairy lights in the background.
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These Baileys recipes prove that there are so many ways you can use the Irish cream liqueur with seriously impressive results this Christmas. 

Of course, we love Baileys on its own over ice, but we also know how good it can be when you find delicious things to mix Baileys with. Many Christmas dessert ideas are improved by a splash of this moreish cream liqueur and the best thing is the puddings are surprisingly simple to make too. 

With these easy ways with Baileys, you won't be left with a half empty bottle of liqueur at the end of the festive season, as you'll have so many ways to use it up. You can mix just about anything with Baileys, but we find that it works best when used in dairy-based desserts and puddings. Here are our very favourite recipes...

The best Baileys recipes to try this Christmas

1. Chocolate, Hazelnut and Irish Cream Liqueur Bombe

Chocolate, hazelnut and Irish cream liqueur bombe pudding on a dark green background with gold accessories

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As far as show-stopping Baileys recipes go, you can't get much better than this impressive chocolate and hazelnut Bombe. Pour the chocolate over the top in front of your guests for that all-important wow-factor, or pop some indoor sparklers on the top and enter the room with them lit for a dinner party dessert with real drama. 

Discover the Chocolate, Hazelnut and Irish Cream Liqueur Bombe recipe here.

2. Chocolate Torte with Baileys Cream and Salted Praline

Chocolate torte with Baileys cream and salted praline on white plates with gold forks

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Impress guests with this moreish chocolate torte. The best thing about this Baileys recipe is that the liqueur is in the cream that is added when you serve the torte. This means that this is one pudding in this list which can be served to the whole family, as those under 18 can enjoy the torte without the Baileys cream added at the end. 

See the Chocolate Torte with Baileys Cream and Salted Praline recipe.

3. Baileys Cheesecake

A Baileys cheesecake on a gold cake stand with a burnt orange linen napkin to one side.

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This Christmas cheesecake is one of our easiest Baileys recipes, as it doesn't require any baking and is ready to serve in four simple steps. Decorate with gold sprinkles and stars, or add a chocolate layer with crumbled wafer, chocolate curls and stars.

See the Baileys Cheesecake recipe.

4. Baileys Bread And Butter Pudding

A bread and butter pudding made with Baileys shot from two different angles

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This velvety bread and butter pudding is taken to the next level with a big slug of Baileys, which makes a classic winter pudding one for the grown-ups. With nearly 600 star reviews on womanandhome.com, this Baileys recipe is an undeniable crowd-pleaser.

See the Baileys bread and butter pudding recipe.

5. No-Churn Chocolate and Baileys Ice Cream

Five chocolate and Baileys ice creams in homemade cones laid out on a yellow piece of cloth

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You won't need an ice cream machine to make this impressive dessert, which you can make ahead and pull out of the freezer 5 minutes before serving. Serve in either cups or cones and add a topping of your choice to finish this pud with a flourish.

See the Chocolate and Baileys Ice Cream recipe here.

6. Meringue Cake with Baileys Cream

Hazelnut meringue and boozy Baileys whipped cream piled up on a cake stand with chocolate stars on top

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This feather-light cake is made of layers of hazelnut meringue piled up with boozy Baileys whipped cream. Dust the sweet tiers in cocoa powder and top with chocolate stars or shards of After Eight mints to complete this decadent dessert.

See the Meringue cake with Baileys Cream recipe.

7. Chocolate and hazelnut roulade

A chocolate and hazelnut roulade on a gold platter

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This Chocolate and hazelnut roulade is a firm favourite at Christmas time thanks to the Ferrero Rocher and Baileys flavours. Make ahead and pop it in the fridge until you're ready to serve it. 

See the chocolate and hazelnut roulade recipe.

How long can you keep Baileys once opened and does it need to go in the fridge? 

A bottle of Baileys Original can last for up to 24 months. This applies to bottles that are both opened and unopened, as the 2 year expiry date is from when the Baileys is first bottled, rather than first opened. So if you've got a bottle of Baileys in the back of the cupboard that's been gathering dust, you may want to check it's still in date, even if you haven't opened it yet. 

Smaller bottles of Baileys that are 100ml or less have a shelf life of 18 months.

The optimum temperature for storing Baileys is between 0-25°C (32-77°F), so while it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge, we'd recommend popping your bottle in there if opened. 

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