This Aldi premium champagne is rated just as good as Waitrose and it’s half the price

*Runs to Aldi*

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Aldi is selling premium champagne which is being rated as tasting just as good as Waitrose—and it's half the price.

As lockdown begins to ease and people start to plan their groups of six picnics or barbecues, why not pop the cork of more luxury champagne without having the hefty price tag. 

What's more, is it will save you time popping to the shop separately to pick up a bottle as you can buy it along with your shopping—saving you even more time to slice, dice, and shred your picnic platter dip selections with the best food processors.

The low-cost supermarket has been given five-star reviews for its Champagne Blanc de Noirs Gift Box bottle which is a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. It is an elegant and well-structured Champagne with lovely crisp red berries and a light lingering finish. And when compared to a Waitrose equivalent—Waitrose’s £35 Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut, it's scoring highly.

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Champagne Blanc de Noirs Gift Box (75cl): £17.99 from (opens in new tab)

Aldi premium champagne has flavors of crisp red berries and on the nose flavors of redcurrants and blackcurrant Jam. The beautiful packaging has Tiffany & Co. feel to it - adding a nostalgic bit of luxury to your lunch.

Aldi, which launched its very own wine school last year, has already scooped accolades for its award-winning wines and this latest bottle is getting raving reviews and is set to get you in the mood for a bit of fizz.

Hosting an Oscars' party at home? Save cash on the bubbles and spend it on those best induction pans you've wanted for ages to make your future dinner parties go down a storm. Shoppers who have already snapped up a bottle have been blown away by the Aldi premium champagne quality. One wrote, 'Absolutely beautiful some can be quite dry and have a bitter taste, but this had none and was gorgeous will definitely be buying again!' 

Another happy shopper put, 'Beautiful champagne tastes just like Bolinger but nicer price. This is the second time I’ve purchased it and it definitely won’t be the last. Fabulous' and a third pointed out that it makes a perfect gift, and added, 'This is quality champagne that ticks all the boxes. Being in a beautiful box makes it a perfect present. The price is very reasonable. It is the real deal!'

You can even buy it in cases of six or 12 if you’re stocking up for a special occasion but please remember to drink responsibly.

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Waitrose’s Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut (75cl): £35 at (opens in new tab)

A lovely, rich, and vigorous Champagne from this biodynamic producer. Shoppers give it a four-star review online but the product is often a sell-out, so you will have to check in-store.

Lady Gaga launched limited edition champagne bottles earlier this year when she teamed up with Dom Pérignon, but bet her's don't have a super chic box like Aldi's premium champagne. 

With the bubbles sorted, it's time to pick out your best champagne flutes and head outdoors.

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