Forget the lies you’ve been told - this is the salad Jennifer Aniston *actually* orders, and it’s delicious

She calls the salad "really hearty"

Jennifer Aniston at "The Morning Show" Press Conference at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on August 15, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Jennifer Aniston recently unveiled her *actual* salad bar order - and no, it's not that false one that was floating around TikTok last year. 

Jennifer Aniston may be widely known for her role on Friends and for her beauty secrets (like how she gets that coveted youthful glow) - but more recently, she's become known for her 'salad recipe' with fans claiming it was the lunch she ate every day while on the set of Friends. 

While that viral salad recipe (featuring quinoa, cucumbers, chickpeas, red onion, and other delicious ingredients) was undoubtedly a great recipe, folks later found out from Rachel Green herself that she, in fact, has never had that salad in her life. Yikes. 

However, she recently revealed to TODAY what her actual favorite salad is, and we have to say it's even more delicious-sounding than the original viral recipe. 

And, of course, if Jennifer Aniston is eating this salad, we're going to start eating it too.


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First things first - Jennifer is not a fan of romaine lettuce. 

"I’m not a romaine fan," The Morning Show star revealed, later saying that her go-to green is butter lettuce. 

Then, she gave a list of healthy and delicious toppings she loves to mix into the salad. "I love to have some mushrooms. I love sprouts. I love a little tomato. Avocado, Kalamata olives," she continued. 

She also noted that she rarely makes a salad without cheese. "Always some cheese — never gonna give up my cheese. I’ll do sliced parmesan, pecorino … feta … or all of them!" she said. 

To top what she calls a "really hearty" salad off, she adds sliced almonds, sunflower seeds and then maybe a chopped egg or poached egg for some extra protein.

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Jennifer, 54, doesn't just get her enviable figure from eating healthy salads every day - she also attributes her health to her fitness routine, which has changed as she's gotten older. 

"My mind used to (tell) myself that if I didn’t do 45 minutes to an hour workout, I wasn’t drenched, (it wasn’t enough)," she said. In recent years, she's been doing Pvolve, a fitness practice that combines "resistance training with low-impact exercise."

Believe it or not, even Jennifer likes to have a day off here and there - but she makes sure to keep herself in check if she feels as though she's starting to lose motivation. "Just do 10 to 20 minutes, you can do anything for 10 to 20 minutes,” she said. “You start to enjoy it... I really do push myself, just at least do that little bit. I’ll immediately feel incredible. You just instantly start to feel those endorphins and that energy."

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