Best Christmas turkey 2022: Where to buy the best birds for your festive feast

Discover the seven best Christmas turkeys you can buy in 2022, as chosen by a specialist panel of Food Editors, writers and cooks

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Ensure you buy the best Christmas turkey this year with our carefully selected and rigorously tested picks of the best birds of 2022. 

Our judging panel tested and tasted all the turkeys available at major supermarkets this year to discover which is the very best Christmas food you can buy for your dinner table this month.

Whether you're looking to buy a whole turkey to feed a large family or favour a smaller turkey size or a crown for a more intimate gathering, these are the very best birds on the market.  

However, don't delay your purchase any further this year. There is a shortage of turkeys available this Christmas because 80% of the Christmas Goose flock in the country have died and hundreds of thousands of turkeys due to Bird Flu. So pre-order your turkey if possible, or buy one now and freeze it until you need it to ensure you don't miss out.

How we tested and selected the best Christmas turkeys for 2022

Every year we gather together a panel of food experts to test all the Christmas products that are on the market, from turkeys to the best Christmas cakes and best mince pies.

Samples of each product are delivered to our test kitchen where they are prepared and then blind tasted by the panel, to ensure impartial results. 

The taste, look and feel of each product are taken into account as well as how clear and accurate the preparation and cooking instructions are, then the panel must come to an unanimous decision to crown the winner in each category.

When judging the turkeys the panel looks out for a number of factors including: moist and flavourful meat, a well coloured and crisp skin after cooking and a plump and tender texture. 

To ensure that the testing process was fair we do not add any other ingredients of flavourings to the turkey and cook them each according to the packet instructions that are provided. 

The best Christmas turkey winners for 2022

Free Range Bronze Whole Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Pipers Farm)

1. Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey

Best whole turkey


Stockist : Pipers Farm
Weight: 4.3-4.8kg
Price: £92
Feeds: 5-6

Reasons to buy

Delicious succulent meat

Reasons to avoid

The most expensive turkey in our list

Winner of the best whole turkey was from Pipers Farm. Although this has a slightly higher price point than the supermarket turkeys, we all agreed that if you have the money it is worth spending on a well sourced turkey this year. The turkeys are reared on a small scale farm in Devon with plenty of space to roam. The ‘bronze’ breed thrives in outdoor areas and is traditionally slow growing. Pipers Farm honour the slow rearing of the turkey, allowing them to reach natural maturity with a diet free from artificial chemicals and additives. The birds are also hung for at least 12 days which helps mature their flavour even further. 

All of the measures put into place by Pipers Farm are shown within the flavour of the bird. Food editor Jess Meyer said, "This bird has a lovely plump shape and rich golden colour. The meat is tender and juicy with a rich flavour that’s distinctively turkey." Junior food writer Georgia Sparks added, "This golden bird was deliciously succulent and would look impressive as the centrepiece of any Christmas feast." We also loved the packaging. Wrapped in brown paper and tied with string it looks very traditional and gets delivered straight to your door.

Extra Special Norfolk Bronze Medium Whole Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Asda)

2. Extra Special Norfolk Bronze Medium Whole Turkey

Best whole turkey, runner up


Stockist: Asda
Weight: 4.75kg
Price: £42.75
Feeds: 6-10

Reasons to buy

More affordable than our whole turkey winner

Reasons to avoid

Cooking instructions were found to be slightly inaccurate

If you’re looking for a delicious whole turkey, but want to spend a little less, this is the turkey for you. Reared on a rich diet of corn for fuller flavour, we enjoyed the taste and texture of this bird. Jess Meyer praised this turkey’s plump shape and juicy meat. She said, "This bird has a good flavour with succulent meat and an even golden colour." Jen Bedloe added, "This bird would make a lovely Christmas centrepiece. The golden colour and plump shape of the bird make it very enticing, delicious with all the trimmings.The meat is succulent, juicy and tender just as it should be."

Despite its great flavour, we will add a slight word of caution regarding the bird's cooking time, Jess Meyer commented, "The suggested timing was a little inaccurate so make sure you probe the bird with a thermometer before removing it from the oven. It should reach 70C in the thickest parts and the juices should run clear."

Oakham Stuffed Turkey Crownbest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

3. Collection British Oakham Stuffed Turkey Crown

Best turkey crown


Stockist: Marks and Spencer
Weight: 2.3-2.7kg
Price: £50.60-£59.40
Feeds: 4-6

Reasons to buy

Stuffing is included

Reasons to avoid

Needs to be covered with foil to prevent bacon burning

If a whole turkey just won't get eaten in your household, a crown is a great alternative and M&S have designed this clever crown so you won’t miss out on any of the flavour that you may get from a whole bird. 

Although smaller than a whole bird, it is definitely not lacking in flavour. The turkey is basted with chicken stock, turkey stock and buttermilk helping the meat to retain its moistness. They have also stuffed it with sage and onion stuffing and topped the crown with oak smoked bacon. 

Giving high praise of the crown, Jen Bedloe commented, "This cooked brilliantly and is one of my favourite products this year for ease and innovation. It comes with gravy and produces lovely roasting juices which delivers even more flavour. There is plenty of stuffing so you don’t need to buy more for the side of your feast. Plus, it’s baked in its own foil tray so there’s minimal mess too." One thing we noted was that you may want to cover the crown with foil partially through cooking to prevent the bacon on top burning. 

Specially Selected British Free Range Bronze Roly Poly Whole Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Aldi)

4. Specially Selected British Free Range Bronze Roly Poly Whole Turkey

Best budget whole turkey


Stockist: Aldi
Weight: Typically 4.95kg
Price: £31.96-£47.86
Feeds: 8-10

Reasons to buy

Great value for money

Reasons to avoid

Meat not as flavoursome as our winning turkeys

Grown to maturity and reared in Britain, this Aldi bird is dry hung by experts for at least 10 days to improve its flavour. Moist and tender with a delicious, intense flavour, Rose Fooks, Deputy food editor said, "This is a magnificent bird with juicy, succulent meat and a wonderful appearance." Georgia added, ‘"This meat has a really nice depth of flavour, it's a deep golden colour so looks great too." 

Aldi have also ensured that even the worst timekeepers won’t overcook their turkey. Packed with a handy pop-up timer, this is a great way to ensure your bird stays wonderfully juicy even if your oven timings may vary from the instructions supplied. 

As well as a timer, turkey also comes with the giblets so you can make your own glorious gravy. If you don’t know how to make gravy we have a delicious easy recipe. Make sure you add any juices from the turkey once it has finished resting for a more intense, meaty flavour.

Finest Narragansett Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Tesco)

5. Finest Free Range Heritage Narragansett Turkey

Best supermarket turkey, runner up


Stockist: Tesco
Weight: 4kg
Price: £48
Feeds: 8-10

Reasons to buy

Delicious meat

Reasons to avoid

The skin was fattier than other turkeys
Takes a little longer to cook than suggested on the packet

These Tesco turkeys are reared in East Anglia using traditional methods and are fed a varied diet. With the freedom to roam and forage on rich pastures, the meat retains a delicious flavour. Rose commented, "This plump golden bird has a rich flavour but was a little fattier compared to others. The skin still crisps up, though it may take a little longer to cook than instructed on the pack." Jen also noted, "the brown meat on this turkey is rich, delicious and moist, but the skin could be a little crispier." To buy this turkey you need to check out online by 11.45pm on 14 December as it is part of the Tesco Food to order collection. Beyond this date you will not be able to order the turkey online. 

Medium Free Range Bronze Feathered Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Waitrose & Partners)

6. Medium Free Range Bronze Feathered Whole Turkey

Best supermarket turkey, runner up


Stockist: Waitrose & Partners
Weight: 4-6kg
Price: £56-84
Feeds: 8

Reasons to buy

Delicious leg meat

Reasons to avoid

The skin was slightly fatty 

Similarly to Pipers Farm and ASDA, Waitrose have also used Bronze turkeys. Known for their flavourful and tender meat, this turkey certainly delivered. Jess Meyer commented, "this has a wonderful gamey flavour and the leg meat was particularly tasty, it has a nice colour and shape too." Rose adds, "the leg meat of this bird has a delicious intense flavour. Leg meat is often overlooked but I think it's one of the best parts." 

Like the Tesco turkey, judges also commented that the skin was a little fatty and didn’t crisp all over. In this situation judges suggested that slower cooking would enable the fat to render down more evenly and allow the skin to crisp. Alternatively, you could stuff the bird allowing the stuffing to absorb more flavour from the fat under the skin. Rose also suggested smothering the bird in butter before cooking and regular basting to enhance the flavour. 

Whole KellyBronze Christmas Turkeybest christmas food festive food awards

(Image credit: Kellybronze)

7. Whole KellyBronze Christmas Turkey

Best turkey, independent retailer


Stockist: Kellybronze
Weight: 5kg
Price: £112.44
Feeds: 8

Reasons to buy

The skin crisped up well

Reasons to avoid

This turkey is more expensive than supermarket offerings

Like the Pipers Farm turkey, this is slightly more expensive than supermarket offerings. Named as one of the most awarded Christmas Turkeys in Britain, it’s easy to see why. The KellyBronze turkeys are reared in Essex, similarly to the other Bronze turkeys, they are slow reared and free range. Jen commented on the delicious meat saying, "this turkey is so deliciously moist and succulent, you can also tell from its appearance that it is well reared, it’s so visually appealing." 

Jess Meyer added, "this is some of the best meat we’ve tasted, succulent, tender with a wonderfully crisp skin." Similarly to Aldi’s turkey the package also includes a useful meat thermometer, so you can ensure you get great results. 

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