Long sleeve wedding dresses for grown-up brides that are simply exquisite

Looking for a dress for your upcoming wedding? Browse our pick of the most flattering, fashion-forward dresses.
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  • Whether you're 35 or 75, every woman wants to look good on their wedding day - that one special day when you are the centre of everyone's attention.

    And that’s why we’ve put together a selection of wedding dresses for older brides, including lots of long sleeve wedding dresses, and wedding dresses with sleeves, for those who may be keen to cover up their arms on their big day.

    The dress, as we all know, can make a huge difference – and although you are there to celebrate the love between you and your significant other, there’s no harm in wanting to look like a total knock-out.

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    If you’re tying the knot a little later in life, you might think that there isn’t that much choice out there when it comes to wedding dresses for mature brides. Wrong! Whether you go designer or buy off the high street, there are plenty of options for women of all ages, shapes, and taste.

    After all, more women than ever before are getting married in later life nowadays. Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed in 2015 that only four in ten brides were over the age of 30 – with the average age for a bride reported as 35 these days.

    Every bride’s style is different, and like a fine wine, we feel that a woman’s style gets better with age. And it’s important not to limit yourself to certain fashion choices. Don’t assume that frillier, short dresses, or those with a more exposed cleavage aren’t for you – every woman is so unique, and so will her wedding dress be! There might be an expectation that you go for something more demure and simple, but we reckon there are absolutely no rules when it comes to choosing wedding dresses for mature brides!

    So what should you be looking for when choosing mature bride dresses?

    When looking through wedding dresses, start by considering the styles that suit you – for occasion wear, do you go for cinched in 1950s styles, flattering empire line, or even a short dress? What are the design touches that you love on yourself and in your home? Do you prefer opulent, luxurious fabrics or folksy designs and prints, vintage-inspired lace or glittering sparkle?

    Whatever your personal style, the main thing is that you feel relaxed. The worst thing you can do on the wedding day is to buy a frock that doesn’t fit perfectly; remember you are going to be wearing this all day so keep it on the comfy side.

    And remember, there’s a different kind of dress for every body type. If you don’t feel too comfortable showing off your arms, there are plenty of long sleeve wedding dresses out there which are totally stunning – and oftentimes, even more elegant than shorter sleeved dresses. Take Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge for example – both of the royal ladies opted for long sleeve wedding dresses – so there’s no doubt they’d be a brilliant choice for your big day!

    And you can’t forget the accessories! Stylish nude heels go brilliantly with wedding dresses, and you can’t forget about the all important jewellery to go with the perfect dress.

    Although you can hunt down a designer wedding dress for a bargain, we’ve curated a selection of wedding dresses fit for all budgets – for those able to spend a bit more, and those who need to spend a little less.

    So if you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress, see below…

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