The ultra comfy style staple that unites Queen Camilla, Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Emma Thompson, and Dame Judi Dench

There is a unique ultra-comfy style staple that a number of celebrities and senior members of the Royal Family love wearing

queen Camilla's ultra-comfy style staple
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There is an ultra-comfy style staple that is adored by the Queen Consort, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and a whole host of other celebrities. 

As a person who is constantly on her feet and attending royal engagements, the Queen Consort has had to invest in some comfortable wardrobe pieces that allow her to look stylish but remain comfortable. One of the key investments made by the stylish Queen is in her footwear. 

The Queen has many pairs of shoes from the brand Sole Bliss a brand that prides itself on creating comfortable yet fashionable footwear for people with bunions, wider feet, or painful joints. Queen Camilla's favourite shoe brand proves enduring style and comfort go hand in hand and she has worn a selection of their high heels to various public events. However, the brand also sells high-quality trainers that the Queen also owns but prefers to wear while she's off-duty. 

The Queen isn't alone in her adoration of this shoe and many celebrities own pair of these ultra-comfy staples.

Helen Mirren

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Helen Mirren owns a pair of Sole Bliss trainers and wore a pair to the 73rd Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin. The Dame wore the 'Star: White & Gold Leather trainers' from the brand which typically retail at £189 and are made in Italy.

Dame Mary Berry owns four pairs of these trainers and was recently snapped in the pair called the 'Drama: White Leather trainers.' These shoes have a pull-on design and are easy-fitting and super wearable look. Mary wore these shoes last month in July 2023 to the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival.

Mary Berry

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Dame Mary, even revealed that it was the Queen Consort who recommended the shoes to her. Mary revealed, "I've started wearing new shoes recommended to me by the Queen Consort. I used to buy all my shoes from Russell & Bromley but now I wear these. They're very good value - at around £180. A snip!"

Sole Bliss

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Dames Joanna Lumley, Emma Thompson, Twiggy, Harriet Walter, and Prue Leith are all other celebrities who love wearing the trainers from this brand and have been snapped wearing them to major events.

Founder & Designer of Sole Bliss, Lisa Kay, commented on the popularity of these trainers. "It is incredibly exciting to see so many ladies wearing our trainers! When we first launched Sole Bliss trainers, the collection only contained 3 colours. Today we have over 50 designs!"

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