Lululemon just released its very first pair of sneakers and they look awesome

Known for its athletic wear, Lululemon launched its very first pair of running shoes this week as part of a larger, upcoming footwear collection

Lululemon shoes
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Obsessed with everything that athletic wear brand Lululemon puts out? From leggings and yoga mats, to shorts and tank tops there's no end their dreamy offerings. So it's no surprise that fans are incredibly excited about the company's very first sneaker release.

Called Blissfeel, the sneaker marks the brand's foray into footwear, likely setting the standards for 2022 shoe trends all over the world. The running sneaker is currently available in seven different colors—some muted, like white, and others more pronounced, like fire red—and costs $148. 

Interestingly enough, the company decided to start things off with a woman's shoe (most brands first launch a men's running shoe, believe it or not) and collected a ton of data to create the best design. The result is an already popular product that boasts tuned foam cushioning to soften landings.

Blissfeel Women's Running Shoe ($148) | Lululemon

Blissfeel Women's Running Shoe <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">($148) | Lululemon

Designed for running, the Blissfeel comes in seven different colors.

"We intentionally started with women first because we saw an opportunity to solve for the fact that, more often than not, performance shoes are designed for men and then adapted for women," Sun Choe, chief product officer at Lululemon, said in an official press release about the new line. "That didn’t sit well with us. Innovating for women is in Lululemon’s DNA—now we’re bringing that same expertise to footwear, and women were part of this journey every step of the way."

Lululemon shoes

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The Blissfeel signals the upcoming launch of an entire new line of products focusing on customers' feet.

Three more women's shoes will launch in 2022. The Chargefeel is a cross-training item ideal for folks who go on short runs and regularly head to the gym. The Restfeel, on the other hand, is "an elevated slide for post-workout." Lastly, the Strongfeel is a training shoe "designed for multi-directional movement that features a low profile, supportive midsole with a multi-directional outsole and an upper that locks the foot in place." The former two products will debut in the summer and the latter will be available this upcoming fall.

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Men, don't be jealous: Lululemon also revealed that a men's footwear line will launch in 2023.

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