Kate Middleton Masterclass: How To Look Good In High Street Clothes

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  • What we can learn from Kate Middleton: Alterations are the key to looking great in high street pieces...

    Kate Middleton was spotted at a wedding recently in the same Missoni coat as another guest. It’s a faux pas we all dread, but Kate didn’t need to worry – she was always going to come out on top in the style game. Why? It’s not just down to good genes or picking the right pieces: Kate Middleton’s clothes are tailored post-purchase, so everything from her Zara jackets to her Reiss dresses and Hobbs coats fit perfectly.

    Doesn’t it sound so simple now that you know? This is one of the Duchess’s style secrets that we can all take on board and the reason why Kate Middleton’s clothes always look perfectly fitted: No matter what your size or shape, everything will look better bespoke. Kate Middleton’s clothes style secret can even make the dreaded jeans shopping experience slightly less stressful. Once you’ve found a style, shape and colour of jeans or trousers that you like, why not get them tailored to your shape? This investment will be worthwhile and one that you’ll never regret. Coats and jackets are also worthwhile garments to get tailored to your shape. A coat that nips in precisely at your waistline or a jacket that is cropped in perfect line with your body shape will be an investment piece you will wear for years to come. This style secret is one that many high street shops and retailers are catching on to and now, you can get bespoke, clothes that fit to your unique shape, straight from the high street.

    So whether you covet Kate Middleton’s fashion in a form-fitting event dresses, her smart and nipped in coats, or her off-duty jeans and breton tops, read on to discover where you can get your favourite pieces altered on and off the high street. You too can perfect Kate Middleton’s elegant, ladylike look…