How to dress in your fifties

Our fashion experts show you how to look stylish at 50

It’s all about attitude when it comes to style, especially when you enter your fifties. These are the years when you can finally focus on what you want. Shake this up when it comes to your style and don’t fall back on old and out-dated habits. Don’t look at a new trend and think, no I can’t. Your fifties are the time to say… yes I can.

They key to dressing in your fifties is to mix classic items with key seasonal pieces. Build a sartorial wardrobe full of staple pieces that easily mix and match is a great starting point. There’s no shame in spending that little bit of extra cash on say for example, black trousers, smart work dress, or silk shirt, if you are going to wear them again and again. The investment you make upfront will certainly come back cost per wear.


When it comes to trends, you need to make sure you choose the items that are right for you. Prints date quickly, so we suggest trying out new styles and shapes. Or even amping up a classic shape with a modern fabric or a trendier geed. Like this velvet blazer from Massimo Dutti, mixing the classic blazer with a marvellously modern velvet in a berry shade. Ideal for giving a simple black dress that extra oomph.

Want more? See below more fabulous items that certainly will keep you looking stylish in your fifties.

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