Helen Mirren's favorite sneakers now come in a new range of summer colors

Vegan sneaker brand Cariuma—worn by celebrities like Helen Mirren and Jon Hamm—has partnered with Pantone to release two new limited-edition colorways

Cariuma sneakers
(Image credit: CARIUMA)

If you haven’t yet heard of 100% vegan sneaker brand Cariuma—worn by celebrities like Helen Mirren, Jon Hamm and Pete Davidson—it’s now time for you to get acquainted with its offerings.

As part of a new partnership with Pantone—of Color of the Year fame—Cariuma has just released its popular OCA Low lace-up style in two new, limited-edition colorways that are perfect for summer. 

The two new colors are called Greenbriar and Cornsilk and cost $89 each.

Bonus points: just as is the case with the purchase of any other Cariuma shoe, sale of a pair will automatically trigger the planting of two trees in the Brazilian rainforest.

Pantone Cornsilk Canvas, $89 (£72) | Cariuma

Pantone Cornsilk Canvas, $89 (£72) | Cariuma

Handcrafted using a robust organic cotton canvas, the OCA Low Canvas features 100% vegan insoles that are made from cork and organic mamona oil

As pointed out by customer reviews, the vegan sneakers are very comfortable (Helen even wore them at the Cannes Film Festival!). A sampling of comments on the website includes, "Most comfortable sneaker I've ever worn," "I LOVE these shoes, have them in three colors" and "Perfect sneaker. I love their timeless look! The cork and memory foam insole [are] fantastic."

The soles of the shoes are made with Global Organic Textile Standard-certified cotton canvas and ethically tapped rubber. The exterior, on the other hand, is made with a more lightweight material that makes it great for warmer months.

Cariuma sneakers

(Image credit: Cariuma)

This isn't the first collaboration between Pantone and Cariuma. In March, the two companies launched the style in a slew of other colors, including eggshell blue, taupe, lilac, white and classic blue.

Although the OCA Low is clearly a fan-favorite, the brand also offers sneakers in other styles, including the OCA high (a high-top version of the popular low that comes in a variety of colors, including a Toz Collector's Edition print), the IBI and the Salvas. There is a lot to choose form! 

If it's more of a brand name that you're looking for, though, you might consider investing in the New Balance Miu Miu sneakers that are too cool for words or, perhaps, Lululemon's brand-new, very first-ever sneakers.

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