Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra review: does Figleaves’ bestselling bra live up to its reputation?

The Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra is perfect for those who want a lot of support without padding, favouring a more delicate style.

Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra
(Image credit: Figleaves)
Woman & Home Verdict

Providing fantastic shape and support under the guise of a more dainty, elegant style, Figleaves’ bestselling Juliette style ticks all the lingerie boxes.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Pretty, feminine finish

  • +

    Great support for a fuller bust

  • +

    Natural-looking push-up effect

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fussy strap details

  • -

    Semi-sheer finish may limit outfit suitability

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The Figleaves Juliette Lace Non-Pad Bra provides full support with zero padding – a great option for women with fuller busts who want to flatter, rather than accentuate, their boobs. In short, it's one of the best bras you can buy. 

It provides that elegant and pretty finish often associated with the more dainty bralettes on the underwear scene, with double lining and sturdy underwiring providing ample support. It’s not hard to see why this bra is the brand’s all-time bestseller, beating push-up bras, bralettes and even the best strapless bras to the top spot.

Priced at just £24, this is one of the more affordable options on the high street, without skimping on quality. We’d recommend browsing the Figleaves website to look for your chosen colour and style, as there are often seasonal reductions to take advantage of. 

We’ve been busy testing every bra style imaginable at Woman & Home HQ, as well as investigating the latest trends in lingerie design. I’ve covered a wide range of styles, from delicate bralettes to industrial-strength push-up bras, and will be sharing the findings with you on how comfortable they really are, how they look and feel, and whether they’re worth parting with your hard-earned cash. 

First impressions 

Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra Specifications

- RRP: 24

- Sizes: 30DD-38FF

- Padded? No

- Underwired? Yes

- Machine washable? No

At a first glance, this lacy number could be seen as being a little on the, well, flimsy side. Pretty, yes. Sexy, absolutely. But perhaps not the most supportive option for someone with a bigger bust like myself. 

However, after trying on the Figleaves Juliette style, I was soon proved wrong. Thanks to a clever double lining and sturdy underwire, this bra feels comfortable yet secure; the morning dash for the 375 bus would be no issue whatsoever. The Figleaves Juliette bra fits like a glove, creating a smooth shape that would work well under T-shirts and dresses alike (though it’s worth bearing in mind that the material is semi-sheer, so this bra may not work with some outfits). 

Each to their own when it comes to the padding debate, but I personally feel a little buxom in a padded, push-up bra and prefer a more natural finish, though sometimes this doesn’t work well with a fitted T-shirt or shirt. The Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra is a real find, as it provides great shape and lift, without any padding. 

What is the shape and appearance like?

I tried the bra in a classic black, which feels elegant and definitely a little bit sexy; very easy on the eye if you want an underwear look that’s not just for your eyes only. The fabric is soft, yet sturdy, with an elegant scalloped lace edge on the cups and bow details on the straps and the bridge (very pretty, but not ideal if you’re wearing a top that reveals some shoulder and needs a simpler strap).  

The plunge shape and ample underwiring place this bra firmly in the push-up bra category; it’s a much more cleavage-enhancing look than a balconette or bralette style. While the bra is easily concealed under clothes, those wearing a lower neckline can expect to see a lot of lift. 

How comfortable is the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra? 

It’s no surprise that this bra is Figleaves’ all-time bestseller – not only does it fit like a dream, but you can comfortably wear this bra all day long with no consequences of pesky strap marks or soreness from restrictive bra bands. It offers the same comfort levels as a bralette, with added support and a more defined shape. 

A great bra for everyday use, but also appropriate for lounging situations, when you want to kick back and relax without really feeling like you’re wearing a bra at all. I can be very aware of my bra, especially with more industrial-strength strapless numbers, easily irritated with a frame that digs or rubs. I personally whip mine off the second I get in the house and change into comfier attire, but wearing the Figleaves Juliette style, I forgot I had a bra on all together. Top marks for comfort from me. 

Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra

(Image credit: Figleaves)

How supportive is the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra?

While this pretty lace bra may look dainty, make no mistake, it still provides plenty of support. 

The bra’s underwire lifts the bust without any padding, for a more natural silhouette. While the Figleaves Juliette does provide a more natural finish, it is a plunge style, creating an ample amount of cleavage, if you favour that look. 

Often, “pretty” bra and bralette styles don’t provide as much support, but the Figleaves Juliette bra is a welcome exception. The cups are separated into three cup pieces, with the standard lower cup split into two. The cups are double lined and the fabric feels sturdy, providing an extra layer of support for the bust. If you want a bra that feels secure but without extra padding, this is a great option. 

Is the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra true to size?

The fit is on the snug side, but there’s plenty of stretch in the fabric, meaning it doesn’t feel too tight. I would say if you’re debating between two sizes, go for the bigger size in this style. Learning how to measure bra size isn’t the easiest task, but finding a bra like this that’s got plenty of stretch in the fabric helps when it comes to a good fit. 

I tried the bra in a 32DD and the width of the bra wires was a perfect fit for me. I have a smaller back and finding bras that fit well can be a challenge, but I’d say if you have a broader back, you may need to go a size up in back size as well as cup size. 

Is the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra good value for money?

This bra ticks two major lingerie boxes – it’s super comfy, but also enhances the appearance of my boobs with a lot of lift. For those reasons, the £24 price tag is more than justified. Matching knickers – available in a thong, short or Brazillian (this style is quite new to me; for anyone in the same boat, it’s somewhere between the two former styles) – come in at £10, meaning you can pick up the whole set for just £34. Quite the bargain in my opinion, considering you’re often looking at £50 upwards for a matching set with many high-street underwear brands. 

This is likely a bra you will turn to time after time, as it’s so comfortable and provides a natural, uplifted shape, so maximising your cost per wear should be easy. The bra feels expensive, thanks to the delicate lace and elegant design; I would have estimated it costing much more than its reasonable price. Though the temptation is then to invest in multiple colourways… 

What else is in the Figleaves Juliette Range? 

The Figleaves Juliette bra comes in both padded and non-padded versions, both with underwiring. This style launched in 2016 and has remained at the top spot for the brand, and with a had a glitzy makeover in 2020. 

The other colourways in the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra are definitely worth investigating. For those in favour of a bold look, the crimson red is a striking option. My personal favourite is the cornflower blue, which is decorated with neutral bows on the straps and bridge. This shade shows off just how intricate the lace design is, as well as the delicate scalloped edges. Elegant rose is also a lovely colourway; very romantic.

Figleaves launched back in 1998 with a brand mission to ensure that women of all shapes and sizes are able to enjoy the transformative power of great-fitting lingerie. While there is a plethora of brilliant options for women with bigger busts on the high street nowadays, a few decades ago it was a very different lingerie landscape all together. Figleaves were pioneers for inclusivity for all shapes and sizes, and historically their campaigns celebrate the diversity of women’s bodies. 

Washing instructions

When thinking about how to wash your bras, make sure you wash these styles separately by hand, as their delicate fabric won’t withstand the washing machine, and the lighter colours especially are likely to run. 

The underwiring means popping this bra in the washing machine is a no-go; stick to hand washing only with cool water to keep the delicate lace in optimum condition. 

This bra isn’t suitable for tumble drying, either, so allow the bra to dry naturally on the washing line or a drying rack. 

Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra verdict

In short, it’s a glowing report from me. I had very little criticism of the Figleaves Juliette Lace Underwired Non-Pad Bra, aside from that I prefer a more simple strap without fussy details – but that is down to personal preference. With such a broad range of colourways, I’ll be purchasing a few more of the Juliette in the coming months and would recommend it to anyone with a bigger bust who favours a more delicate style. 

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