Best reusable face masks – super stylish face masks that are still in stock

The UK government advice states that face masks are mandatory in all shops as well as public transport
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  • Wondering where you can buy reusable face masks? We have found the most the stylish face masks that haven’t sold out just yet.

    Pretty much every business has been facing tough times the past few months, including the fashion industry. Despite this many fashion companies have been playing a role in helping during the coronavirus pandemic – from making large financial and equipment donations to hospitals and charities, to using their own supply chain to produce PPE for the frontline staff. But now many fashion brands have started to make their own reusable masks, in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

    Do we need to wear a face mask?

    Wearing a face mask is now advised by the UK government and has been compulsory in shops in England since July 24th, to stop the spread of coronavirus. The government also stated that it is mandatory to wear them on public transport too, as well as in stores and supermarkets.

    These rules are for adults and children over the age of 11, unless you are exempt for health reasons. Public Health England advise against children under the age of 3 wearing face masks for health and safety reasons.

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    Why should you wear a face mask indoors?

    Babylon Health’s general practitioner, Dr. Claudia Pastides, explained that it is helpful to wear face masks in confined spaces.

    She explained, “We know from studies that up to 80% of people with COVID-19 don’t have symptoms and 40%-80% of infections are transmitted by people without symptoms. So, the idea is that if we all wore face coverings when in small shops, on public transport or in other enclosed spaces – we’d be less likely to spread the virus unknowingly.”

    She also reassured that wearing them outside – such as for exercising or walking your dog – is not as necessary. Dr Claudia said, “The risk of spreading COVID-19 is higher when indoors and in an enclosed space, than when outdoors. If you’re exercising alone, with members of your household or keeping 2 metres between yourself and others, you shouldn’t need to wear a face covering. But please respect local government guidance, as it may vary.”

    If you are out and about and find yourself needing to take your face mask off without being at home to wash your hands, Dr Claudia advised that you take extra precautions.

    “If you remember to always carry a spare face covering, a plastic bag and some alcohol gel with you – then you can safely and easily put on another one,” she said. “Put your used mask in the plastic bag. Wash your hands with alcohol gel. Then put your spare mask on.”

    How do you wear a face mask properly?

    In order for a face mask to be effective you must wear it correctly. Remember to:

    • Wash your hands before putting them on and taking them off
    • Touch only the ties or bands when putting your mask on
    • Ensure your mask covers your mouth, chin and nose
    • Wash your resuable face mask after every use

    Are face masks washable?

    If you are wearing a paper mask, it is not advised to wash them as they will disintegrate – they are only intended to wear for one use. These aren’t environmentally friendly, so a good reason to invest in some resuable ones.

    Fabric face masks are likely to be washable. Those made out of cotton or a similar fabric can be handwashed, and many can be machine washed. Just check the care instructions. Wash at as high a temperture as the label allows to rid the item of any lingering germs.

    You should ideally wash your mask after every use, in order to reduce the risk of infection. It is also far more sanitary to wash your mask after each outing, given how close it is to your face. Of course, you don’t want to have to wash your mask every day, so make sure you have a stock of masks you can reach for if some are being washed!

    The best reusable face masks in the UK

    In our edit at the bottom of this article we’ve scoured the UK high street to find the prettiest and most practical masks in stores. Looking for something more specific though, like a charity mask, then read our brand pointers below:

    Stylish and pretty reusable face masks

    As 2020 has rolled on, face masks have evolved. Gone are the days when wearing one meant looking like an off duty health professional. And, you don’t need to go bland either – wearing just a simple black face mask. Resuable face masks now come in an array of colours, prints and even cuts because retailers big and small are creating beautiful new designs daily.

    Take the Liberty print masks for example – they are made with elegant yet fun prints, in their statement floral design. Or, you’ll find a huge array of pretty face masks on Etsy, from lots of independent designers.

    If you’re looking for something fashionable, then we recommend checking out the following brands, from our edit below – Anthropologie, The White Company, Boden, John Lewis, Not on the High Street, Hobbs, Oliver Bonas, Whistles and Needle & Thread. Yes, some of your favourite fashion brands really do all have face masks available!

    Of the selection below, If you want something gorgeous and timeless – we love the Klein and Wallace masks, Anthropologie’s new masks, and Notonthehighstreet’s latest offering.

    Charity face masks you can order online

    Of course, the need for these face masks – however pretty – has been born out of a pandemic that has left so many struggling, with both their health, and in their jobs and financial situation.

    So if you’d like to buy a mask that benefits a good cause, take a look at the list below of charity face masks.

    Many brands selling masks are not profiting entirely from all the sales – instead, many are donating some or all of the proceeds to charities and to the NHS. If you are keen to purchase a charity mask then we suggest checking out:

    • The Brora Liberty face mask, which will donate £10 of each of their £19 face masks to the NHS Charities Together.
    • We’re also big fans of the beautiful masks from London based boutique Klein and Wallace. £.250 from every sale is being donated to the NHS.
    • Pearl Lowe introduced beautiful Liberty print face masks into her collection. The pretty, double lined masks are handmade in Somerset by local seamstresses, and with each silk Liberty Print mask you purchase, £5 will be donated to the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.
    • Some brands are donating many of their masks to those in need. If you buy a Lavender Hill mask pack, they will donate a pack to the Katherine Low Settlement in Battersea.

    Best reusable face masks

    We’ve rounded up pretty, stylish and functional resuable face masks to add to your wardrobe in 2020 (these are for adults, but there are also plenty of children’s face masks on the high street).

    The below reusable face masks are non-medical, so are not guaranteed to stop coronavirus.