Marks & Spencer’s sellout lounge dress is back in stock in a gorgeous new print

marks & spencer

The sellout Marks & Spencer lounge dress is now back in stock in a gorgeous new print.

In true M&S fashion, Marks & Spencer brought us possibly the best piece of loungewear imaginable earlier this year.

However, to the disappointment of anyone who couldn’t get their hands on it, it was very quickly (and very unsurprisingly) swept straight off the shelves.

The comfy one-piece was loved by customers for its fleece material, long flattering length and the bonus of the cosy hood that’s perfect for those days when you just want to cocoon yourself in your own world.

And now the cosy lounge dress is back in stock in a gorgeous new print.

Previously available in navy blue and a grey star print option, the dress is now selling in a stylish animal print option.

marks & spencer

SHOP NOW: Flexifit™ Animal Print Long Lounge Dress, £25, Marks & Spencer

Their Clever Flexifit™ fabric with added stretch also mean that you can wear the dress to bed without it being left bunched up and uncomfortable after a night of twisting and turning.

So comfy and best thing to relax on the sofa in!’ raved one customer, as another agreed, ‘Best loungewear item I've had. Absolutely love this super comfy and soft dress.’

Another fan pointed out how handy it is for getaways, writing, ‘Easy pack and wear coverup.

‘It's also easy to roll up and take on weekends away. It's jersey like and will cling to lumpy bits but it moves freely so I can live with that. I suppose it looks like a hooded maxi dress’.

marks & spencer

Perfect for anyone who is heading on last-minute post-lockdown staycation!

And if you’re one who lives in your dressing gown but can’t bear to put it on in this sweltering weather, this lightweight dress could work, as one fan wrote, ‘Nice change from dressing gown.

‘I’ve always worn dressing gowns, but I bought this as it looked really nice, I’m so glad I did, it’s lovely, not too heavy, but snuggly’.

The cosy nightdress has already started to sell out in some sizes, so we’d be quick if you want to get your hands on it!

Aleesha Badkar
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