Katie Holmes’ obsession with super wide-leg pants proves the star can literally pull off any look

Katie Holmes continues to impress with impeccable style as she rocks latest trend with ease

katie holmes in wide legged pants
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Katie Holmes, whose style we always adore, stepped out wearing the chicest wide-legged pants this week - proving once again she truly can pull off any look. 

Wide-leg pants are one of the biggest fashion trends for 2023 but can be something of a tricky fashion feat. For those who have shorter legs, they can tend to swamp, not to mention how difficult it can be to pair shoes and shirts with wide-leg pants due to their overwhelming sartorial nature. 

But, Katie Holmes, whose layered outfits have previously impressed proved the wide-leg pants nay-sayers wrong this week when she graced the streets of New York with yet another fantastic outfit: gold satin wide-leg pants, paired with an oversized black leather jacket, silvery pointed-toe heels and a gorgeous turquoise, floral-print clutch. Seriously, this woman can do it all. 

Her oversized leather jacket, albeit just as oversized as the pants, is the perfect complement to what otherwise would have been an extremely feminine look. There's no denying Katie is truly the master of pulling off anything.

Katie holmes wearing gold wide legged pants

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Satin Wide Leg Suit Trousers in Gold, £42 ($51) | ASOS

Satin Wide Leg Suit Trousers in Gold, £42 ($51) | ASOS

Just like Katie's these wide-legged gold pants work with a matching jacket or can be dressed down with a simple wide t-shirt and sneakers.

We also love how she decided to pair some sheer, black socks with her pointed-toe shoes. This is a trend we've been dying to try, because as we all know, it's tough to wear heels in the winter, especially when it's particularly chilly outside. But, of course, Katie pulls off socks with heels effortlessly. 

In an ideal world, we would all be able to step out of the house every day looking as chic as Ms. Holmes, especially in a pair of pants as fabulous as these. But Katie isn't the only celeb to don the trendy pants: high-profile celebs like JLo and Angelina Jolie have sported trousers akin to these in the past - even pop icon Harry Styles is known to occasionally sport a pair of wide-leg pants. And, obviously, if stars like Katie, Angelina, and JLo are wearing a trend, we're likely to indulge, too. 

katie holmes wearing purple wide leg pants

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And not content with one pair of wide-legged pants, she also stepped out in a very similar pair but in a whole new shade. Katie debuted the look in New York this week when she was scheduled to appear on the popular morning show, Good Morning America to discuss her Off-Broadway show, The Wanderers. The play covers two couples whose marriage is put to the test while living in New York City, and Katie's character, Julia Cheever, becomes a third wheel in one of the relationships. And while we're obviously extremely delighted about her new acting venture, we're admittedly a little more focused on her outfits.

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