Kate Middleton's new go-to fashion choice that provides 'risky' yet powerful energy and 'perfectly balances' her silhouette

The Princess of Wales has been embracing flared trousers in recent months

Kate Middleton's new go-to fashion choice
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The Princess of Wales has developed a go-to look that provides her with the ultimate chic and smart vibe for royal engagements - and it proves she's taking more style risks in light of her new royal authority, according to a fashion expert. 

  • While the Princess of Wales is known for her incredible dresses and skirts, we've recently seen her embrace powerful flared trousers as part of her go-to wardrobe. 
  • A fashion expert says Princess Catherine's new love of statement flares shows she wants to reflect her newfound seniority and authority - all while taking style risks that also compliment her shape perfectly. 
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Despite being famous for her gorgeous dress collection, the Princess of Wales has been embracing a different and more powerful look of late. 

On various official royal outings over the past months, we've seen Catherine opt for the likes of her daring red power suit with epic flares along with her 70s goddess-esque flares with a berry turtle neck, along with numerous other trousers from her wardrobe. 

And according to a royal fashion expert, the choice stems from Kate's desire to channel her newfound authority as the Princess of Wales, while also being open to "taking more style risks" - not to mention the fact the sleek flares perfectly suit her tall and svelte figure. 

Kate Middleton's new go-to fashion choice

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Speaking to woman&home, fashion expert Miranda Holder said, " Kate Middleton’s style has evolved considerably over the years and continues to do so. When we first met her, first as a fiancee and then newly married to Prince William, her style was very young, fresh, and feminine; floral prints, flirty skirts, and sweet headbands were all fashion staples.

"Gradually, as the Princess grew in stature and confidence, her wardrobe has evolved to match, with her most recent looks embracing the power suit, in particular favouring wide leg trousers over an A-line skirt, which was her previous staple," she added. 

Kate Middleton's new go-to fashion choice

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Miranda continued to point out that Catherine's new love of flares represents a shift in how she wishes the world to see her.

She said, "The sartorial change is in line with her recent new appointment as Princess of Wales, and Kate’s new aesthetic reflects the new authority and seniority of her new role - it’s as if she means business and wishes to be taken seriously, which also follows on from the Palaces’s announcement earlier this year that Kate’s outfits will not be automatically credited every time she steps out in public.

"The emphasis is definitely more on the ‘business’ of being a working Royal and the causes the Princess stands for, rather than which brand of handbag she is carrying."

Kate Middleton's new go-to fashion choice

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Miranda also highlighted how flares perfectly compliment a tall, slim figure like Catherine's adding, "Wide leg trousers are a particularly good silhouette for Kate, as they balance out her frame perfectly, allowing her to highlight her tiny waist, and then balance out the added volume the wide leg creates on the bottom half by wearing something eye-catching at the shoulders, whether it’s some pretty rushing, a striking neckline or a bold necklace.

"They are also a softer, more fluid alternative to cigarette pants or a slimmer leg, and thanks to the extra material remain feminine and naturally glamorous."

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