Fantasie lingerie is for women who celebrate their uniqueness

Fantasie lingerie

Meet the lingerie brand that's for women who know what they want, and what works best for them

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Do you feel underrepresented?

Women aged 35 and over – Generation X – have long been ignored by the high street* and underrepresented in advertising campaigns, with only 1.9% of Gen X models featured in SS18 ad campaigns**.

Perhaps it’s that no one quite knows what unites them as an audience, which isn’t surprising; women in this age group see the world in different ways, come from a range of economic backgrounds and don’t all share a single heritage.

However, lingerie brand Fantasie believes that it is this very uniqueness that unites them. Having supported women in more ways than one with perfectly fitting lingerie since 1951, the underwear experts decided it was high time for a campaign that speaks to these women - especially given that many of their customers sit in this age bracket.

So just how does the typical 35+ woman feel about herself, her life and her body? To gain more insight, Fantasie spoke to a number of incredible women who have experienced a lot of changes in their lives - and discovered there’s one thing they all have in common: acceptance.

They’ve all reached a point where they are coming to accept who they are. It’s a kind of self-assuredness that comes with age, when you learn to stop looking for answers or seeking perfection and start to realise what matters most to you.

Speaking to the brand for the campaign, makeup artist Sam Chapman (@SamChapman) says, “Once I would have looked at my body and not been happy, but I’ve got to a point where I am comfortable.”

Sam Chapman

Impression Natural Beige

Good underwear, she explains, is key to this feeling, too.

“Putting on the right underwear makes me feel confident, happy, relaxed and completely set up for the day – so I always go back to Fantasie. Impression is my favourite bra from the new season collection. It’s really comfortable, so soft inside and beautifully structured for support.”

Personal stylist and beauty consultant Charlotte Broadbent (@_CharlotteLoves_) agrees.

“I think we can all learn to accept ourselves and what we look like. I’m wearing Impression in Black and it feels divine. I feel in control and ready to face the day.”

Charlotte Broadbent

Impression black average coverage bra

Part of the new collection, Fantasie’s Impression bra is the ultimate everyday piece. It’s available in three popular bra styles - the UW Moulded Bra, the UW Average Coverage Bra, and the Bralette. Match with the coordinating Brief, Brazilian, and High Waist Brief for ultimate confidence.

Available up to an H cup, Impression has been designed with comfort in mind and features a soft lining on the inner cups, as well as slings for support and specially developed soft elastics.

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**Fashion Spot – Diversity Report