Aldi’s New Sandals Are Like Birkenstock But A Fraction Of The Price

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  • Aldi is renowned for its ability to produce great copycat items at low prices. The German supermarket is the UK’s fastest growing, and the fifth largest grocery chain with over 700 stores. And with its latest launch we can see why its popularity continues to grow. 

    Hot on the heels of the Aldi homeware range that could rival John Lewis and the candles which beat Yankee, now Aldi are introducing a brand new holiday fashion range for men and women.

    And the most exciting item available in Aldi’s new range is the sandals, which reportedly rival premium brand Birkenstock. Aldi’s version cost £9.99 though, compared to Birkenstocks design which retail at £75. That makes the Aldi pair 87% cheaper with a saving of £65.01!

    Aldi Ladies Comfort Sandals, £9.99 

    Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, £75 

    Also in the range is a ladies summer hat which looks strikeningly similar to a designer one retailing in a famous department store.

    The Aldi hat (left) costs £3.49 and the one on the right is from Harvey Nichols and costs £380! That’s 99% more expensive.

    Other notable items include a black and white maxi dress, embroidered denim shorts, jewelled sandals and a beach dress – all of which cost under a tenner! Could it get any better? We are excited to find out what else the budget supermarket has tucked up its sleeve next…  

    The new ‘Holiday Wardrobe’ range will be available in store and online
    from 22 June, while stocks last! And if the new range is anything like
    Aldi’s previous copycat launches, this one is going to be a sell out so
    you had better be quick!

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