10 Ways To Fake Longer Legs

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  • Learn how to make your legs look longer with some clever wardrobe choices...

    Knowing how to dress for your body shape can be tricky, mind-boggling business, but with a little know-how, you can fill your wardrobe with fashion buys that are both stylish and flattering. You don’t need to go to extremes to give yourself a flatter stomach or longer legs: it’s all in the power of clever fashion. We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks, plus gorgeous new-season buys, so you’ll never be at a loss for how to dress again.

    Want to know how to make your legs look longer? It’s easy – with the right knowledge, of course. And our first styling tip is to go ‘matchy-matchy’. An all-over colour won’t break up your silhouette, and the result will be a longer, leaner looking you. Alternatively, keep shoes the same colour as trousers – this works especially well if you’re wearing heels.

    It’s all about playing with proportions and knowing how to style yourself slimmer. Through clever fashion trickery we can make even the most petite of ladies feel 5ft 9, no platforms necessary. And the ultimate leg-lengthening buy comes in the form of the ever-realiable jumpsuit. This pleated style from Next will instantly make you look slimmer, and the higher waist adds inches to those pins! Wear for everything from summer parties to beach days.

    From going high waisted to adding a pair of courts, learning how to make your legs look longer is easier than you might think. You may not notice it straight away from looking in the mirror, so try getting someone to take a photo of you and when you see yourself from a distance, you’ll notice the longer pins immediately. And, the best thing? It’s all an illusion and there’s no surgery or extreme dieting involved.

    Flick through our top tips and follow our advice on how to make your legs look longer using savvy tailoring tricks?