The micellar water hack that may actually be bad for your skin

The micellar water hack that swept the internet may be doing more harm than good

Micellar water
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Micellar water is the go-to product that many of us use to get rid of our make-up and cleanse our skin—but there’s a new way people are using it. 

Anyone who wears make-up knows it's imperative to have a good cleanser as part of your daily routine. It's as important as the best eye cream and micellar water is the simplest way to rid your skin of grime and dirt. Now one TikToker thinks they've found a hack that can turn your current micellar water into something magical—but is this hack actually a good idea?

TikToker @thatweirdcouplee shared a video of herself using micellar water in a very unusual way that has gone viral. In the video, she takes out a cotton wool pad, applies micellar water to it, and then holds it to her mouth. She blows on the pad and foam suddenly appears. She then applies this foam to her face and uses the cotton wool pad as usual. 


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Fans loved this hack and many took to social media to share their delight. One fan commented, “Well I never knew this...thank you!” Another joked, “Well I'm glad I woke up in yesterday's make-up so I can go try this.”

So should we all be using this hack to apply our micellar water? Skin experts suggest that although it may seem fun, it may not actually be the most effective way to use the product.

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk tells woman&home, “Changing the form of a cosmetic product and using it in a way that was not intended when it was tested in the lab could alter effectiveness, and potentially also increase the risk of having a reaction to the product.”

She went on to reveal that the hack also may not be very hygienic, as you are spreading germs from your mouth all across your face. “Whilst a lot of [the foam] may just be hot air, we do have a whole host of microbes living inside our oral cavity that are different in composition to those that live on the surface of our skin. I’m not sure I would want to be blowing them out and spreading them all over my face,” she said.

If you love the texture of foam and feel like that might be best suited to your skin regime, there are plenty of foaming cleansers and make-up removers on the market, so maybe give one of those a whirl instead.

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