The £3.99 Sell-Out Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser That Rivals Liz Earle’s Will Be Back In Stock Very Soon

How often has Aldi saved the day? The budget supermarket seems to always have a game-changing products on its shelves.

Recently, they stepped it up another notch with their Aldi Hot Cleanser. This particular product sent customers across the UK into a frenzy, as it was said to be very similar to Liz Earle’s much-loved hot cloth cleanser – in terms of both its application and great results.

However, the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser costs just £3.99 – almost 85% cheaper than the £16, Liz Earle version.

But the budget product proved so popular, it sold out almost as soon as it hit the shelves – leaving many customers disappointed.

However, great news – as the popular cleanser is soon to be come back in stock! Mark the date in your calendars, because on Thursday 1st March, the Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser will be back in stores.

The cult beauty buy will also buy available to pre-order online from 25th February, if you want to ensure you get your hands on it.

The best-selling Lacura cleanser is made with rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter, white tea and eucalyptus oil. It promises to soften, tone and purify your skin, while removing all traces of makeup.

The cleanser also comes with a pure muslin cloth that gently exfoliates your face to leave your skin looking radiant. We’re sold!

Aldi also have several other beauty products in their Lacura range. And given that the hot cleanser cloth has received such great reviews, it could well be worth checking them out. They have a Caviar Illumination Day Cream and a  Caviar Illumination Night cream.

The day cream has an added SPF making it a must for any skin conscious beauty buyer. The cream is described as light in texture and long lasting.

Who knew Aldi could provide quality food, alcohol and amazing beauty products at such great value… Is there anything the German supermarket cannot do?

So will you be making sure to grab your very own hot cloth cleanser? Beat the queues and head there early – as it’s sure to sell out again very quickly!

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