Anti-ageing tan with 30,000 waiting list finally back in stock

Get that summer glow, all year round

anti-ageing fake tan for a summer glow
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Bursting into our bathrooms after gaining a cult following on Instagram, the Balinese inspired brand Coco & Eve built on the success of their Coconut & Fig Hair Mask by branching out into fake tan.

Having sold out three times since it's launch in August 2019, Coco & Eve's Sunny Honey Bali bronzing Foam is finally back in stock. And it's perfect timing if you ask us, as we start swapping out our winter woolies for spring skirts and dresses.

Available in three shades (light, medium and dark) the Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is fast-drying - giving a golden glow in as little as 2 hours. And, even better, if you want to leave it on overnight for a deeper tan, it the tropical scent is far nicer than your average biscuity tan aroma.

Setting it aside from other formulas, the Sunny Honey Bronzing Foam is enriched with amino acids, mandarin oil and natural antioxidants (including fig and papaya) to firm and hydrate your skin whilst you tan.

The green and grey toned base is brilliant too, working with your skin’s natural pigment to neutralise orange tones and blur blemishes.

How to apply

As with all fake tans, prep is key to a long-lasting (and most importantly convincing) glow. To stop the tan settling into your pores or stripping off your colour as soon as you’ve applied it, shave or wax your legs at least 24 hours before reaching for the tan. Same goes for exfoliation. As the top layer of your skin is covered in teeny, tiny dead skin cells, clinging on and dulling your complexion, it’s important to buff them away before slathering on fake tan. By using a grainy scrub to banish dead skin cells first, your tan will not only stay put for longer, but it’ll look better applied to naturally soft, glowing skin.

For a streak-free finish, apply moisturiser to dry areas (think feet, elbows, knees and hands) immediately before using your tan to stop the colour from over-developing – orange elbows are not a good look. And because your hands tend to be drier (no thanks to cold weather and washing up) we’d recommend washing your tan off of them after around half an hour to ensure a they don’t end up darker than your arms.

Don’t be tempted to apply without a mitt (we learned this the hard way) and instead invest in the Coco & Eve Soft Velvet Self-Tan Mitt and Deluxe Vegan Kabuki Brush. The hypoallergenic mitt feels like a super-soft oven glove, whilst the tapered cuff means there’s no risk of tan dripping down onto your hands. The brush is the real hero buy though. Similar to a foundation brush, the silky bristles help you distribute just enough tan on hard-to-reach areas like your ears, hands, and feet. These are the places that make all the difference when trying to achieve a realistic tan at home.

With over 190,000 units sold in just over 9 weeks, this might sell out again, so stock up now.

Happy tanning!

Jess Beech

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