Join The Powder Cleanser Revolution

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  • Forget liquid and gel cleansers, a powder version has hit the UK and is promising flawless skin...

    Hot on the heels of the last Japanese trend to hit our shores (the ‘double cleanse’ made waves in the UK market – and our skincare routines – last year), comes a new product promising to shake us out of a skincare slump and transform our complexions for the better.

    The powder cleanser has set the beauty industry alight with the promise of flawless texture and a smooth complexion. But how? A powder cleanser will give a better, deeper cleanse and a light exfoliation to gently resurface the skin every day. But there are so many more benefits to a powder cleanser than this.

    More hygienic than a liquid cleanser and without the need for alcohol or preservatives, a powder cleanser is infinitely kinder to skin than a liquid version. Don’t be put off by the granular texture of a powder cleanser – they are all gentle enough to use on any skin type, even easily irritated or acne-prone complexions.

    They are great for travelling (no leaks) and easier to use – mix with water to create your desired consistency and intensity – and they are multitaskers, exfoliating as well as cleansing and often come with anti-ageing benefits. Powder cleansers minimise pores, moisturise skin and clear the complexion of imperfections. There really isn’t much a powder cleanser won’t be able to fix.

    Sold? Now add one of these powder cleansers to your shopping trolley and be prepared to revolutionise your skincare routine…

    DHC is the Japanese brand that introduced the UK to powder cleansers. Its version is simply called Washing Powder, £9.50, and uses a traditional Japanese forumla to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Gentle enough for any skin type, Washing Powder uses papaya extracts to lightly buff away dead skin cells and dirt for a bright and even texture.

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