How To Curl Hair Without Heat

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  • Forget curling irons and straighteners. The secret to beautiful, Sophia Loren like waves does not lie in harmful electric tools, but in the new heat-free tools staking the internet by storm. Not only will you save your hair from becoming dry, bristly and difficult to manage, but you will also end up with glossier and more natural looking curls. This in turn will give hair a youthful, irresistible bounce – not to mention keep broken ends at bay. After all, dry hair is not a becoming look, which is why we’re ditching heated tongs, and going back to basics.With three simple steps the Aurora Band Night Roller headband, £12.99 can achieve a range of looks from beachy,
    low-maintenance waves, to glamourous Hollywood curls dependant on your
    hair type and how long you leave it in.


    Tried and tested for w&h by lifestyle blogger @charlieparkeruk

    Surprisingly easy to use, all you have to do to achieve this look is pull the band over your head like a halo. Once secure take a section of hair pulling it up and over the band before tucking it neatly inside. Start at one side of your face and keep pulling and tucking section by section until you reach the other. If you have a fringe or a layered cut use a roller at the front to curl the shorter strands that frame your face. Sleep-In Rollers, £15 are perfect for this. Their light foam filling is flexible enough so that you can can manoeuvre them into place but sturdy enough grip short fly away’s without applying too much pressure on fine and fragile hairlines. What’s more without the heat you won’t end up with dry, damaged and frizzy breakages once you take them out.


    For best results leave them in overnight, if you can’t manage that we recommend 4 hours to give your hair enough time to kink. For a guide with easy to follow steps watch the video below…

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