Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+: which high-tech straightener wins out?

Weighing up Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+? We reveal which one you should you choose for the best results

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+
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If you want to buy the best hair straighteners (opens in new tab) and are weighing up Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+ you've come the the right place. Long gone are the days when we needed to visit the salon for a fully trained expert to blow-dry our hair straight. Now we can find high tech hair straighteners in most of the homes down our street. 

But like smartphones, laptops and the best hair dryer (opens in new tab), hair straightener technology just keeps advancing and that has never been more evident than with the two of the latest must-have straighteners on the market. The Dyson Corrale and the GHD Platinum+ have entered the high-tech arena with a bang, both claiming to give us the straightest and shiniest hair we’ve ever seen, all while keeping our hair healthy and reducing styling time to a timespan we never thought would be possible.

But how do these two titans of the hair industry measure up against each other and is one more worth the money than the other? woman&home investigates...

What is special about the Dyson Corrale?

Dyson Corrale

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Dyson stepped into the hair industry back in 2016 with the launch of its groundbreaking Dyson Supersonic (opens in new tab) hairdryer and after being swept away by both the dryer and the more recent Dyson Airwrap, beauty fans have been eagerly awaiting the brand entering the straighteners game.

So when the Corrale dropped earlier this year it was surrounded by thrilling rumours of its powers that made it a living legend among the whispers of beauty fanatics. Tales spoke of the wondrous flexing plates that adapt to the hair to reduce damage, the unparalleled shiny finish and of course the jaw-dropping ability to go completely cordless and still achieve the same results.

Folks, we’re in the midst of a haircare revolution.


  • Temperature settings: 165ºC, 185ºC and 210ºC
  • Weight: 0.56kg (when cordless)
  • Cord length: 4.34m
  • Available colours: Grey & fuschia, purple & black
  • Auto shut-off: After 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Added extras: Cord-free and travel ready, intelligent heat control, flexing plates


A gadget that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie, the Corrale is designed for practicality and convenience. While it might not have the delicate elegance of the GHD Platinum+, the design does embody the pioneering technology infused into the innovative tool. 

Fully rounded edges make it a multifunctional styler, giving users the ability to curl hair, while a nifty lock switch clamps the plates together, making it streamlined and easy to carry from place to place. It even has a small latch that pulls out to make the tool safe for aeroplane travel.

Maintaining hair health is at the forefront of Corrale’s design, with an OLED screen enabling users to choose their heat level depending on hair type or the style they want to achieve. The inconspicuous magnet at the bottom that allows you to use the tool either corded or cordless is perhaps the most cutting-edge feature we’ve come across in modern hair styling technology so far.

Technical performance

Unlike previous Dyson hair tools, the Corrale doesn’t use air technology, instead opting for innovative flexing plates that curve around your tresses so that you can swipe through a chunk of hair without dragging down and damaging the cuticle. 

The pioneering plates also regulate the amount of tension being put on the hair shaft, increasing tension on the lengths while easing it on the delicate ends of your locks. Not only does this reduce the damage put on your hair but it also negates the need for squeezing the plates and being left with that telltale hand ache.

User experience

Although it doesn’t glide as smoothly as the Platinum+, this is because of the flexing plates doing their job. The movement of the plates can create some slightly unnerving cracking sounds, but the noises simply signify the plates gathering around your hair and catching flyaways so that they don’t break off.

Because of the advanced plates, users can straighten a big section of hair at one time, with just one swipe leading to the desired results. This means that a hair routine that could have previously taken up to half an hour can now be done in just 10 minutes. Though deceptively heavy, the unique cordless feature of the tool makes it quick and easy to use, take with you on the go and create multiple hair styles such as curls or waves.


Straighter, stronger and shinier than any other styler we’ve ever tried, including the Platinum+. Results can last for days without too much of a top-up. Curls and waves also come out better than with the Platinum+, as they have a more defined and seamless finish.

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What is special about the GHD Platinum+?

GHD platinum+ styler

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GHD’s newest brainchild seems a giant step above the rest. Not only does it feature intelligent technology that claims to reduce hair damage, but it has to be the most beautiful tool that the brand has ever produced, with a number of stunning colours available to choose from.

GHD has outdone themselves this time...


  • Temperature settings: 185ºC
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Cord length: 2.7m
  • Available colours: Black, white, Cobalt Blue, Scarlet Red, Rose Gold, Powder Pink
  • Auto shut-off: After 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Ultra-zone predictive technology
  • Precision milled, ultra-gloss floating plates


Upon setting your eyes on this masterpiece you can tell you’re about to experience something special, with its contoured angles and pearly finish that just draw you in. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful for a hair tool, but doesn’t have as many exciting features as the Corrale.

With just one button, the straightener preheats quicker than the Corrale to an optimum 185ºC, with a swivel cord for easy styling.

Technical performance

Predictive technology ensures that plates maintain optimum straightening temperature throughout use, while floating precision milled plates stop the styler from dragging through hair and leave a shiny finish.

User experience

A somewhat more pleasant experience than using the Dyson, as the Platinum+ effortlessly glides through hair without the grainy feel. It’s also lighter meaning a more comfortable experience. For those with thicker or frizzier hair, styling might take longer than with the Corrale, as the tool can’t handle as big a section of hair at a time and it can sometimes take more than one stroke for a perfect finish.


While those with naturally frizzy hair may find that sleek results don’t last as long as with the Corrale, the overall finish is silky smooth and dead straight. On the other hand, curls and waves are not as defined as with the Corrale and they can sometimes sport a pesky kink.

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Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+: the verdict

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum+

(Image credit: Dyson/GHD/Future)

If you can afford it, go for the Dyson for the faster styling, smoother finish and cordless convenience. Frizzier or dry and damaged hair types will benefit more from the Corrale, as it straightens in just one swipe and reduces damage with the way it functions. It’s also the clear choice for anyone who wants a proper multitasking tool, as curls and waves definitely come out better than with the Platinum+ and last longer without falling out.

However, if you don’t have the cash to splash, the GHD Platinum+ is still far superior to any other straightener on the market. It’s the clear winner if you’re looking for something that adds class to your dressing table, and will more than do the job for those with fine hair or who don’t reach for the heat tools that often. If you’re upgrading from any other styler you’ll find using the Platinum+ a treat. But if you do decide on the GHD, we wouldn’t head to a beauty counter and try out the Dyson out of curiosity, because once you’ve gone Corrale we can’t see any going back...

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