How To Break Up With Your Hairdresser
How To Break Up With Your Hairdresser
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You've reached breaking point. Your hairdresser has hacked off too much hair for the very last time, and now you need to find a way to gently break up with them. It's not that you don't enjoy seeing them - you're desperate to hear how their new, shiny kitchen comes along - but their snip-happy ways have left you with one jagged mullet too many.

Now, breaking up (with your hairdresser) is hard to do for a number of reasons. Perhaps they're your neighbour's sister's best friend's cousin who shops at the same Waitrose as you. Maybe they're prone to texting or calling to ask when you'd like to make your next appointment. Whatever the case, you form a bond while spilling secrets in the hairdressing chair, and telling them you don't like the way they cut, the highlights you've been having for the last 10 years or that you've found someone cheaper can be a pretty challenging task.

1. Give them one last chance Before you cut all ties, be direct about what you want from your haircut. By telling your hairdresser you felt your last highlights were too golden or that your layers were trimmed too short, you're giving them a chance to remedy the situation before you cut ties.

2. Thank them for their service It's unreasonable for a hairdresser to expect to trim your hair forever, so you should never feel bad about switching to someone who understands your needs. Keep things friendly - you or your hair may have a change of heart, after all - by thanking them for their service either face to face or via a text or email.

Remember, a concise, kind message is a totally acceptable way of telling your hairdresser that you feel you aren't on the same page anymore, but that you're thankful for their service. Leave out unnecessary comments and criticisms, keep it to a couple of sentences, and feel free to compliment them on anything they did do well.

3. Don't lie As tempting as it may be to pin the blame elsewhere, your hairdresser will probably know you're lying. Whether you're looking elsewhere because of scheduling conflicts, bad haircuts or hefty prices, tell them the truth.

Oh, and never, ever use the ‘I'm moving away' excuse. Guess who you'll bump into at the dentist in a few months' time?

4. Say nothing You have every right to move on without giving your hairdresser an explanation. Losing clients comes with the job, so if you don't want to say anything... don't.