Boots' recycling scheme will award you advantage points in return for your empties

Sounds like a great trade off to us!

Boots' recycling scheme
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Boots' recycling scheme allows you to do your bit for the environment, all while building up those advantage points. For every five products donated, Boots will reward you with 500 Advantage Card points.

While we all know we should recycle our beauty products, sometimes they can end up in the bathroom bin and chucked out with the rest of the rubbish.

While many of us are meticulous when it comes to our various kitchen bits, dutifully washing our empties and chucking leftovers in the food bin. But often our hair and beauty products are forgotten.

Plus, it's a little more complicated when it comes to beauty products. Some glass bottles can be recycled, but the plastic pump can't be. Where as with other products, like nail polishes, the toxins in the formula mean that they're a no-go. Tricky, eh?

But with brands like Boots making life a little easier for us, recycling our beauty products needn't be such a minefield.

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The scheme is using new Scan2Recycle technology to track how much each person donates, swapping empties for advantage points.

Boots said of the scheme, 'Together with No7, we’re doing our bit to help keep our planet beautiful. That’s why we’re trialling a recycling scheme where you can bring your empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products, from any brand, that can’t be recycled at home.

'We want to play our part in looking after the planet by making it easier to recycle items that might be difficult to recycle elsewhere. And we want to reward you for playing your part and making recycling part of your regime too.'

How do I take part in Boots' recycling scheme?

Boots' recycling scheme

All you need to do it is bring your empty bottles in to your nearest participating Boots store.You can find a full list ofparticipating stores here.

You'll need to register first with Scan2Recycle here.

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The best news is, you don't just have to recycle Boots products - they can be any kind of beauty, health, wellness or dental products. Just pop them into one of the Boots deposit boxes after taking a picture of the empty products to redeem your advantage points. Five empties = 500 advantage points.

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