Nicole Kidman’s hot blonde bob haircut is so dramatic, yet so chic

The haircut she sports in her brand new show 'Expats' could be one of the best she's had yet

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Nicole Kidman's new show 'Expats' is highly anticipated - but we're too busy looking at her hot blonde bob haircut she sports in the film to think about anything else.

One of Nicole Kidman's signature parts of her look is her sweeping red hair that always cascades just so - but for her new TV series coming out, titled Expats, she's got a new 'do that is super trendy and totally unexpected. 

For the show, she's donning a super trendy blonde bob haircut - and as we all know, bobs are one of the trendiest haircuts you can have nowadays. Nicole's bob for the movie appears to have a sort of wavy texture, giving off beachy, effortlessly tousled kind of energy - which, although appears to be an easy and low-effort style to recreate, doesn't always bode as such if you don't have the right hair tools.

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Nonetheless, Nicole looks amazing in the short blonde style, with her hairstylist for the show opting for a creamy blonde hue for the hair - a far cry from her usual, day-to-day fiery red.

Although, of course, this style is likely a wig, we wouldn't be upset if she went for a dramatic hair transformation of her own in her personal life, as the short blonde locks look quite good on her.

This isn't the first time we've seen Nicole with a shorter, blonder hairstyle, however - fans of the short-lived but critically acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies will remember her character Celeste with a similar hairstyle.

It's no secret, too, that bobs are the essential cool haircut of the year, with all different iterations of the low-maintenance hairstyle trending, such as the boyfriend bob, the "slob," the Italian bob, the box bob, and more (yes, there really are that many bob hairstyles for you to copy!) Even A-list celebs we love like Martha Stewart and Kim Kardashian have ventured into bob territory, only further solidifying its place as one of the best haircuts to have this year.

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In the new show from Amazon Prime, which is set to air in early 2024, Nicole Kidman is poised to play Margaret, a key character in the show, with a synopsis that is as follows, according to Amazon Prime Studios: "Set against the complex tapestry of Hong Kong residents, Expats depicts a multifaceted group of women after a single encounter sets off a chain of life-altering events that leaves everyone navigating the intricate balance between blame and accountability."

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