This is why you should invest in Lush's new make-up brush range

Lush comsetics | Lush make-up

Lush originally put itself on the map as a Mecca of bath bombs in psychedelic shades, its impressive showrooms filled with huge slabs of almost-edible-looking cosmetic treats.

But since then the Lush brand has become about so much more than fancy soaps. Lush is a pioneer in sustainability and one of the first cosmetics brands to ditch the plastic on a number of products, as well as launching two 'naked' - ie. totally packaging-free - stores in Milan, Manchester and Berlin.

Lush's latest move championing eco-friendly beauty is a range of 100% cruelty-free make-up brushes, crafted using traditional techniques and recycled materials.

Here's why we'll be investing in the Lush cosmetics make-up brush range

  • The brushes are carefully crafted with traditional techniques, rather than using industrial machinery

Each brush was designed by Lush make-up artist, Megan Edwards and Lush's make-up and design teams, in close collaboration with the manufacturers.

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“We tried and tested an array of different brushes and synthetic fibres until we had a perfect collection. We’re confident the range of brushes will deliver professional results. They’re easy to use and they have a luxurious, premium feel!” says Meg Edwards, Lush's head make-up artist.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

  • The eco-friendly brushes are 100% vegan and made from recycled materials

The new Lush make-up brush range is made from recyclable aluminium and biodegradable, sustainably-sourced wood, with a cellulose-based lacquer. Manufacturers have used a vegan glue to secure the bristles in place.

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“This whole makeup range has been consciously designed from start to finish, and the brushes are no exception," said Kayley Thomas, head of Lush make-up. "We took care to select high quality and vegan materials that, when assembled, not only look glamorous but ensure they are made to last and treasure - so now it's down to you to look after them!"

  • The range is huge and each brush has a specific purpose

With 10 beautiful brushes to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to make-up application.

Here's the Lush make-up brush range in full

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Glow To Town, £15

This large highlighter brush is perfect for targeted application of cream or powder highlighter.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Fresh Faced, £18

For smooth even foundation coverage, look no further than this flat and densely-packed brush.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Hey Big Blender, £12.50

A nifty little brush, that's perfect for blending, whether that's a smokey eye, contoured jaw or highlighted cheek.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Cheek To Cheek, £25

A big, bold brush perfect for that final dusting of bronzer or highlighter.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

People Powder, £32

A huge, big bristled brush that will keep you base in place.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Wing It, £10

Get the perfect winged eyeliner with this angled liner brush.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

To The Point, £12.50

Get perfectly blended concealer with this soft and compact blending brush, whether you need to brighten up the under-eye area or blend away blemishes.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Pucker, £15

This travel lip kit will ensure you can always top up your lips with precision.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

U-N-I-Brow, £14

Either define and smooth, or give your brows some body with this handy brow brush.

Lush cosmetics | Lush make-up

Get In There, £7.50

For the tiniest of liner flicks, or most precise lip lining, this little guy is the one.

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