The new beauty brand that helps you shop for all skin tones from home


With shops having been closed for two months now and weeks upon spent in lockdown, we’ve all had to resort to online shopping for everything apart from groceries.

And after spending hours on end looking at our own reflections in video calls all we’re spending our money on at the moment is anything that will perk up our drab faces.

But with shops closed (opens in new tab) and lockdown imposed (opens in new tab) it can be risky investing in new makeup without trying it on with on our own personal colouring.

So new British beauty brand Emolyne (opens in new tab) has come to the rescue with its forward-thinking colourful makeup designed to suit all skin shades.

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The chic new London brand, which is based on African beauty influences, is made up of 30 lipstick, lip liner and nail polish shades that each come in matching colours.

Full of diverse nude shades and a range of red tones, the brand uses lovely creamy lip formulas and glossy nail polishes with flawless finishes.

And so that we can all shop from the comfort of our own homes, the brand’s website has a function where customers can find their shade (opens in new tab).

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Simply choose from a selection of 15 models, all with different skin tones, and then the site will show you what each of the 30 lipstick and lip liner shades will look like on your skin shade.

When you click through to a shade that you like, you will then be given the option to buy either the lip liner, lipstick, nail polish or the complete set of all three products.

And our favourite thing about the brand? Each products comes in the most gorgeous packaging.

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The nail polishes feature an elegant finish a small square bottle and black and gold lid, while the lip liners come in a sleek gold or black tube.

And the lipsticks top everything. The click-open tube comes with a glittery gold and rose-gold finish for a fabulous look that beats any other lippie we’ve seen.

These shades are so beautiful that we kind of what a set of each colour…

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