Brits are reacting to the coronavirus lockdown in one of three ways – which one are you?

Which category do you fall into?

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There’s no denying that the multiple coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions of the last year have drastically changed all of our lives.

It's been nearly a year since the country started living the coronavirus restrictions, among which we've experienced, nationwide lockdowns, local lockdowns, a tier system and social distancing.

Our normal ways of living seem somewhat of a distant memory and a new way of life has ensued for all of us - at least for the near future.

And according to research carried out by King’s College London, Brits reacted to the country's initial lockdown in one of three ways.

According to the study, which was based on data collected by Ipsos Mori, the public’s three main reactions to lockdown were that of either accepting, suffering or resisting.

But how did each measure up?

  • Accepters: 48 per cent
  • Sufferers: 44 per cent
  • Resisters: 8 per cent

Most of us seemed to be accepters the research shows, with 48% of the population said to be accepting the bizarre lifestyles we adopted last spring.

Meanwhile, 44% were suffering from the changes, while 8% ewre resisting them all together.

“The large bulk of the population are fully behind the measures, but even within this group there are clear dividing lines between those who are coping pretty well and those who are really suffering," said Bobby Duffy, director of the Policy Institute at King's College London.

The group of sufferers are mainly having to deal with the impact lockdown is having on their mental health.

“Nearly all of this suffering group have felt more anxious and depressed, and six in 10 are losing sleep.”

It was also found that the younger generations are most likely to be part of the resistant group, with 64% of resisters being males.

Just 49% say they are following lockdown rules and 58% of the resisting group think "too much fuss is being made about the risk of coronavirus”, whereas 93% of the suffering said they are following lockdown rules completely or most of the time.

On the other hand, People aged 55 to 75 make up the majority of the accepting group.

But 10 months on we wonder if people are people still feeling the same - which camp do you fall into?

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