Jo Loves's new gorgeous and uplifting fragrance is transporting us to a sun-drenched beach

Jo Loves has launched a brand new fragrance, inspired by creator Jo Malone’s love for uplifting summer scents

Jo Loves Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar
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Jo Loves has launched a brand new fragrance, inspired by creator Jo Malone’s love for uplifting summer scents.

Jo Malone CBE is famed for creating unique and intense fragrances that speak to the season or even just momentous occasions in life.

And to reflect on the challenges that the world faced in 2020 and mark a feeling of hope and inspiration for the future, the fragrance connoisseur has launched a brand new cologne with her brand Jo Loves.

“For me fragrance is my means of language or telling,” Jo Malone CBE, Founder & Creative Director of Jo Loves, tells woman&home. “I’ve never felt more like we need to look up, so hopefully this fragrance brings that message.

“It is to remember this moment and to say we have to look up now. There's been a lot of tears and we will never forget this time - but we have to get up now and we have to build and create because if we don't this situation will get worse.”

The new Cobalt Patchouli and Cedar fragrance blends earthy notes of vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood with grapefruit and geranium for a touch of bitter citrus and a herbal aroma hint to create a fresh and crisp finish that screams sunshine, blue skies and an airy breeze.

Jo Loves Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar

(Image credit: Jo Loves)

“It’s about blue skies,” says Jo. “It was inspired after I went for a walk - it wasn’t summer, it was a cold day, but it was a beautiful day and there was life all around me. The sun was hitting all the terracotta tiles of the buildings - they were almost golden - and it was the bluest sky I’d ever seen with absolutely no clouds. And I just stopped and thought, ‘this is such a beautiful moment’.

“As I sat down this elderly man walked by - I never saw his face, but he was immaculately dressed and was smoking some sort of french cigarette. And when he passed there was this unbelievable smell of mediterranean cologne and it was so intoxicating - it was just the moment. And I thought ‘this is it - I'm going to capture this moment’.”

And it’s not just the formula inside the bottle that brings something extra special to this latest Jo Loves drop.

The unique bottle itself features gorgeous blown-glass in a range of striking bright blue hues and was exclusively designed by young artist Natasha Murray to replicate the aura of a bright blue sky on a sunny afternoon.

“It’s really wonderful to get somebody else to tell the story in their design. I thought, ‘we need something that is art’, as we have to bounce creativity and enthusiasm artificially to get it moving for people to start to believe again - and people like myself have a responsibility now to do that.

“The whole concept is blue sky thinking - it’s not just about a product, it’s a message. It’s to celebrate freedom, it’s to celebrate the opportunities that do lie ahead - because there’s many. If we continue to look down and you don’t look up to celebrate the moment you miss it. I want to be part of that chapter in life that picks up and celebrates life again and encourages others.”

A true piece of art - both visually and olfactorily - this definitely is one fragrance that will make your heart smile from the second you set eyes on the striking and uplifting bottle, to the moment you wash away the aroma in the shower the next morning.

Aleesha Badkar
Digital Beauty Editor, woman&home

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