Expert reveals common mistake that could be damaging our lashes

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  • An expert has revealed the common mistake that could be damaging our lashes.

    With lockdown still going strong, all of us have been forced to put our beauty appointments on hold.

    And for some of us those beauty appointments include lash treatments – lifts, curls, extensions – that leave us all with the delicate flutter that we all dream of.

    But now that we’re all stuck in the house, our lashes are missing that regular TLC.

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    So a lash expert has revealed the mistake we might be making when looking after our own lashes and the changes that could help us look after them in the comfort of our own homes.

    Whether you’re used to regular salon treatments or tend to give your lashes low-maintenance at-home TLC, this could be a mistake we’re all making.

    “Vaseline, castor oil, trimming your lashes etc all said to help “grow” lashes will only suffocate your follicles and can make your lashes shorter,” warns Camilla Kirk-Reynolds, lash artist and expert at Camilla Lashes.

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    When you look back on this time in our lives, what will you remember 🤔? I will remember that I was forced into having time to myself to reflect on my life. In the past, I would work 15-18 hour days, 6-7 days a week. For the first time I cannot, due to nothing of my own doing! It’s forced me to see things in a completely different way, to how I used to. Being able to observe myself and others during this time has been most interesting. I have appreciated the opportunity it has given me to reach out to others, who, perhaps have not had, as ‘pleasant’ time as I have. In doing so I have built relationships with the most interesting people I never would have connected with otherwise. It has made me realise 99% of people REALLY appreciate kindness and a small kind word can brighten someone’s day, the other 1% just think you’re crazy! I have learnt some new skills (that I’ve been putting off) and grown a new appreciation for my home. I’ve found certain memes funnier than I ever have before and some have driven me crazy. I’ve also realised that tick tock has definitely done a good job in making me feel old too 😂! I’ve realised that online work-outs are not for me and people who overly share about how fantastically productive they’ve been, are really annoying 😂 and potentially make others feel worse, despite it being meant to do the opposite!! I have re-realised that my clients are so wonderfully loyal, my best friend is even more awesome that I thought she was before and my marriage is stead fast and strong as it’s tested once again! I’m not sure how my life will change after lockdown but I know it will. This has opened my eyes to A LOT of new things. A new way of thinking and being, new practices and more social knowledge than I expected it ever would. I hope that you are all safe and well. What will you remember from this time? #gratitude #grateful #lashextensions #veganproducts #bekindtoyourself #lashlove #beautycare #eyelashes #ladies #londonbeauty #minklashextensions #volumelashes #classiclashes #naturalbeauty #lashspecialist #longlashes #health #wellbeing #beautiful #lovelashes #luxurybeauty #classiclashes #eyelashextensions #londonlashes #beautyhack

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    “Personally, I don’t like growth serums,” she continues, “due to their strength and how they penetrate the body or change the make up of the lashes to something unnatural.

    “Lash growth serums should also never be used with extensions as they change the growth cycle and can create obvious gaps within your lashes”.

    Revealing the easy way we can encourage natural lash growth, Camilla adds, “I much prefer healthier more natural ways to improve your natural lashes.

    “My advice is: a healthy diet as it will always help hair/lash growth and supplements such as Biotin, Selenium and Horse Tail”.

    common lash mistake natural growth tips

    Credit: Boots

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    common lash mistake natural growth tips

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    Be aware that food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, and always make sure to read labels properly before using.

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