Coco & Eve has launched a 'Beauty Sleep' pillowcase and we'll take two, please

Better for our hair and our skin, you say?

Coco and Eve Beauty Sleep Pillowcase
(Image credit: Coco & Eve)

They're the brand behind that social media-famous hair mask, Coco & Eve has now launched a silk pillowcase, aptly named "Beauty Sleep". 

The brand is known for creating sell-out products – the Sunny Honey Fake Tan has completely sold out four times, while the Like A Virgin Hair Masque has racked up more than five thousand online reviews.

The material creates significantly less friction in both your skin and hair while you sleep, meaning more hydrated skin and hair that's less tangled and frizzy when you wake up.

What's more, the comfortable, super soft material will help you on your way to getting those all important eight hours of shut-eye.

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Although silk pillowcases are often at the expensive end of the scale, Coco & Eve's new offering costs less than $25 or £20. We love a beauty bargain!

Honestly, they had us at Beauty Sleep.

Race you to the (online) checkouts!