Claudia Winkleman reveals hilarious hair disaster that many of us can relate to

Remember this iconic beauty product from the eighties? We can all relate to this one...

Claudia Winkeman
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We all experimented with beauty trends when we were younger, and celebrities are no exception to the rule.

Case in point: Claudia Winkleman once revealed a hilarious beauty anecdote from her teens, and it's one that many of us will relate to.

Speaking to Marie Claire, the Strictly Come Dancing presenter revealed that she once got rather over excited about Sun-In spray.

Those of us who lived through the eighties will have fond (?) memories of the hair product, which promised sun kissed locks that looked like they'd been sunning it up in the South of France all summer.

The spray contained peroxide and lemon juice and promised to gently lighten hair upon contact with heat (AKA your hair dryer) when used properly.

And it looks like our Claude was also a fan – although like many of us, she may have overdone things to try and boost the results.

Claudia Winkleman

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"I got very excited about Sun-In when I was about 15," she told the publication. "I’m quite impatient, I couldn’t even do the spray, so I just unhooked it with a friend and poured it on.

"It was extraordinary," she said of the results. "It was nerve-wracking. And quite crispy."

The presenter, who was recently announced as Graham Norton's BBC Radio 2 replacement, also shared her signature beauty look from her teens. 

"Once, when I was 14 I thought easily the most glamorous thing was white eyeliner inside the eye and then heavy lip liner round the mouth," she explained. "I think I looked repellent. 

"You could say I’ve swapped because I now like a white Tippex mouth and a dark liner in the eye."

How things change!

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