This dry shampoo sells once per minute around the world and has been reviewed 93,000 times

Is this cult classic already a part of your beauty regime?

woman spraying hair with dry shampoo
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The right dry shampoo can be an absolute life-saver, no doubt about it. Few beauty inventions have changed the game quite like it.

Whether you want to extend the life of your hair by an extra day, refresh after a workout or simply can't be bothered with the slog of real shampoo, it's got your back.

And if there's one way to spot a standout formula, it's by how many positive reviews it's racked up online. Case in point – this particular dry shampoo has not only racked up 93,000 online reviews and counting, it also sells once every minute around the world. That's no mean feat!

Intrigued? We hear you. Keep reading to find out which formula the world is oh so obsessed with...

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The formula in question is none other than the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, which contains no talc and won't leave any chalky white residue behind. As well as using rice starch to gently cleanse the hair, this formula also contains sea buckthorn berry for a shot of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Think of it as a 2-in-1, if you will. 

"I love a lunch break workout, but can never be bother washing, drying and styling my hair before heading back to my desk," one five-star Birchbox reviewer says of the Amika dry shampoo. This is the ideal midday pick me up after a quick 30 minute spin class!"

"Amazing!!" writes another five-star customer on Beauty Bay. "I have very fine hair with an oily scalp so this stuff really blew me away already ordering another one I can’t live without this now!!"

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Well, who are we to argue with 93,000 reviews? 

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