The Acne-Busting Lotion That's Getting Rave Reviews On Amazon


Every once in a while, a standout product comes along that's praised for being particularly good at treating a specific skin condition.

And when one has this many positive reviews on Amazon, it's definitely hard to ignore.

Menopausal acne and skin affected by the changing of the seasons are common complaints, particularly with women who are over a certain age. But it seems this Witch Hazel toner has zoomed to the rescue, to help many women with these specific skin ailments.

The Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera has won itself a wave of positive reviews over on Amazon, with 81% of them rating it 5 stars.

The product, with a refreshing rose scent, has become so popular, that it's even become a best-seller on the website!

So what are customers saying about it - and why do they love it some much?

Many fans have praised the product for being gentle on their ‘mature skin', while others lauded the toner for keeping their skin feeling and looking clear, clean and smooth - and busting that problem acne.

One customer wrote, "Love this! After I wash my 52 year old face, I want something to stimulate the pores and make me feel refreshed - this has a great scent and really wakes me up! Easy on my 'mature' skin but helps keep oily spots under control."

Buy Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner here, for around £6

And another person who had purchased the toner agreed, "Love this product. I use it twice daily and it really calms my skin.

"I use this in conjunction with aloe Vera gel and it gives my skin a soothing feel. I just bought a second bottle!" High praise indeed!

A third customer also sang the Witch Hazel toner's praises, writing, "I have combo to oily skin and large pores and was looking for a gentle toner and I LOVE this one! It's leaves my skin so soft and has reduced some of my redness."

Witch hazel has long been said to be a key skincare ingredient in helping to ward off acne and spots. But it comes in particularly useful when you reach your 50s, and skin becomes naturally oilier. Many people often notice this happing around the time of their menopause.

But because witch hazel is a natural astringent, it works to remove excess oil. So it's no wonder this is proving to be somewhat of a miracle product for older women.

However, some customers over on the products Amazon page did make a note of some more negative points of the toner - in particular, for those with sensitive skin.

Some noted that the product may not be the best choice for those whose skin was sensitive, given the astringent witch hazel in it.

One wrote," Seems like a nice product, arrived well, but made me break out! My skin is super sensitive and touchy, so it's not the products fault, but just want to warn anyone else who might be the same!"

Of course, it's important to remember that everyone's skin reacts differently to different products.

The toner is only available on Amazon's US site, so you will have to pay for post and packaging overseas. But luckily, the product is on sale for just $8.12 - roughly translating to £5.98 - so it certainly won't be an expensive purchase even with shipping included!

So will you be purchasing one of Amazon's biggest selling skincare products?

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