Which of these 3 women from Wales and the West Midlands should win an w&h Amazing Women Award in 2020?

Wales and the West Midlands - Amazing Women 2020 finalists


Here we present the shortlist of 3 finalists for Wales and the West Midlands – selected in recognition of their enthusiasm, determination and dedication. (The other four regions are: Scotland and Northern Ireland, North West, North East and in Yorkshire, East Midlands and East Anglia, South West and South East).

You can see the details of all the other finalists here.

Votes close on the 31st of July 2020. Look out for the winners in our November issue (on sale October) and online.

Now all you have to do is scroll down and choose which of these fabulous women you’d like to see in the final line-up of the Amazing Women Awards 2020!


The 3 finalists from Wales and the West Midlands

  1. Tanya Jones, 62, from Birmingham
  2. Suzy Richards, 51, from Wednesbury
  3. Dawn Price, 52, from Blaenllechau

1. Tanya Jones, nominated for caring in the community

Tanya Jones, 62, from Birmingham, runs the South and West Birmingham Live at Home Scheme for national charity MHA. Tanya runs weekly social group activities, and organises outings and holiday for older people.

Tanya says: My role is to provide activities to reduce the potential for loneliness and social isolation, to help older people have fun, make friends and stay connected to the community. Our groups range from men’s walking football, to learning to play the ukulele. We also offer a befriending service for more vulnerable older people who can’t get out. This is usually face-to-face but even in lockdown we have offered this service as telephone befriending and a daily check and chat service. My job is so rewarding but the highlight for me is the laughter, both within the teams of volunteers and also of those enjoying our groups.

Margaret Hughes, who nominated Tanya, says: Besides running groups, she food shops for the vulnerable, walks guide dogs and collects articles for charity shops. We are privileged to know someone like her, particularly during the present emergency.

2. Suzy Richards, nominated for fighting terrorism with resilience

Suzy Richards, 51, from Wednesbury, lost her father Pat, brother Adrian and eldest son Joel to the Tunisia terrorist attacks in 2015. Her youngest son Owen, now 21, was wounded but survived. Despite such devastating loss, Suzy set up Smile for Joel to help shattered families who are bereaved through homicide and terrorism. Suzy is also working with the UK travel industry to change legislation on security and with West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit to prevent young people being drawn into terrorism.

Suzy says: I wanted to honour my family members through creating a legacy so I set up the charity to hold the hands of families who go through traumatic bereavement. I’ve been there, I understand. We give direct support in the form of family breaks, counselling or help with specific purchases. I’m also fighting to get UK tour operators to prioritise customer safety and to risk assess on the basis of hotel security, notifying customers to any changes in the security status of a country.

Manda Churchill, who nominated Suzy, says: In the past five years Suzy has raised in excess of £300,000 through a variety of fundraising activities to ensure that other families are given a helping hand to rebuild their lives.

3. Dawn Price, nominated for giving those with learning disabilities a voice

Dawn Price, 52, from Blaenllechau, manages RCT People First, an organisation helping adults with learning disabilities find confidence, self-esteem and a voice.

Dawn says: I set up RCT People First in 1995 with my colleague Lynne Evans. Lynne has a learning disability and had started a group to encourage self-advocacy. I came on board from another charity in the sector. My role is to find funding in order that we can get people in and support them to sit on decision-making forums with providers of services such as housing and education. It’s great to meet people with low self-esteem and see them develop so that they feel happy to sit in a meeting and to communicate ideas to improve their lives.

Emma Alcock, who nominated Dawn, says: There have been difficult times where money has been scarce but fortunately Dawn’s passion and commitment never waver.

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Votes close on the 31st of July 2020.

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