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Scotland and Northern Ireland - Amazing Women 2020 finalists


Here we present the shortlist of 3 finalists for Scotland and Northern Ireland – selected in recognition of their enthusiasm, determination and dedication. (The other four regions are: North East, North West and Yorkshire, Wales and West Midlands, East Midlands and East Anglia, South West and South East).

You can see the details of all the other finalists here.

Votes close on the 31st of July 2020. Look out for the winners in our November issue (on sale October) and online.

Now all you have to do is scroll down and choose which of these fabulous women you’d like to see in the final line-up of the Amazing Women Awards 2020!


The 3 finalists from Scotland and Northern Ireland

  1. Manjulika Singh, 65, from Glasgow
  2. Olive Munro, 69, from Loch Tay
  3. Janet Kelly, 50, from Kilwinning

1. Manjulika Singh, nominated for bringing health awareness to the community

Manjulika Singh, 65, from Glasgow, was awarded an MBE this year for services to yoga, health and community cohesion. She has made it her mission to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of her community, teaching yoga to diverse groups including NHS Health Centre staff, the elderly, men and children. Manjulika also chairs the Ethnic Minority Forum.

Manjulika says: Yoga keeps the body fit and energised, and the mind calm, and so is important in building healthy, active communities. Although it cannot cure disease, it can be helpful for pain relief and in helping to live with chronic disease, and it’s vital for mental wellness. Thus I feel I’m indirectly helping to ease strain on the NHS.

Aradhana Thistlethwaite, who nominated Manjulika, says: My mother has done so much to promote health and fitness awareness within the community, including many fundraising challenges. Her classes bring people together, regardless of ethnicity and gender, and many good friendships have been forged.

2. Olive Munro, nominated for raising awareness for Alzheimer's Research UK

Olive Munro, 69, from Loch Tay, is living with vascular dementia following a 2015 diagnosis but is determined to maintain a positive attitude and help raise awareness of the condition by being an active volunteer for Alzheimer’s Research UK. In 2018 she trekked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route through France and northern Spain with her husband Ronnie. They completed the 780km in two months, raising £2,700 for research.

Olive says: My diagnosis didn’t come as a total shock, as older family members had succumbed to the disease. It’s a strange condition – parts of your brain die, but you don’t know what you’re going to lose or when. I decided to do something to raise awareness and funds for research. I know one day they will find something to slow it down and maybe a cure, and that keeps me going.

Guy Walker, who nominated Olive, says: Olive is amazing. She shared her story in October last year, explaining how her diagnosis has affected her life in the charity’s Dementia Uncovered campaign. It has now been viewed 3.3 million times.

3. Janet Kelly, nominated for helping young people to flourish

Janet Kelly, 50, from Kilwinning, is part of the Innovative Schools Project, which encourages pupils to develop employability skills. When the last bank in Kilwinning closed, Janet and the Project worked with 1st Alliance Credit Union to open a branch in Kilwinning Academy. It is run by pupils and offers a banking service to the local community.

Janet says: My daughter’s school set up a Family Learning Unit to encourage parents and their children to learn new skills together and through that I became involved in the project to bring the bank into the school. I totally support our young people reaching their potential.

Molly Nolan, who nominated Janet, says: Janet is an incredible force for good. She was asked to join the Mental Health Task Force in Scotland for Young People, to ensure children and young people can access support with their mental health and wellbeing.

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Votes close on the 31st of July 2020.

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