An Instant Figure Fixer? Make It A Midi Dress!

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Midi dresses have been gracing the catwalks for a few seasons now, thanks to their wearability throughout the seasons and instant slimming magic. Shop our pick of the best now...

Midi dresses have been making waves in the fashion world for a while
now, but how do you wear one yourself? There seems to be a common
misconception that the trend only looks great on tall, slim women – but
we’re here to show you how you can wear the trend and look truly

Choosing the perfect length is important. A midi dress
is defined as a dress with a hem that stops mid-calf, but not everyone
wants to draw attention to that particular area. Instead, opt for a
dress that ends just below the knee. This looks great on all sizes, and
will actually lengthen legs – especially if the waist sits high up.

dresses are a great choice for practically any occasion, wear with a
blazer and some ballet flats and it’s the perfect workwear attire, or
opt for heels and some glittering accessories for an evening out.

that a midi dress will make your hips looking too big? Steer away from
tulle, and instead opt for pleats and delicate farbics that will skim
hips and tummies and leave you looking slim and streamlined.

if you’re concerned that midi dresses are still seen as ‘dowdy’ – don’t
be. There’s nothing frumpy about our pick of gorgeous dresses. The high
street is awash with on-trend styles in modern, flattering cuts and
colours just like this one from La Redoute, with a flattering ful skirt in vibrant summer red.
Simply ensure that you find one with a good fit and a hemline that ends
below the knee, and you’ll add length and glamour to your look.

Shop our pick, and get ready to embrace the trend and never look back…

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