Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Libra

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  • Consider the first six to nine months of 2016 to be a period of preparation. You have goals to accomplish, and they are best fulfilled slowly and steadily. Consistent effort will get you to the finishing post, whatever the nature of your goals. Jupiter’s entry into Libra (9th September) marks the beginning of an expansive and successful year-long phase of your life. Opportunities will appear suddenly and you don’t want to be held back because you have not prepared. By contrast, a sacrifice of some description may well be asked of you, and although it always hard to give up something you had put time, effort and skill into there will be compensations. Health requires a little more care, especially in March, and signs of problems need to be addressed promptly. The year also has its surprises, and a wedding invitation and/or a trip to a far-away location could be among them.

    The Challenge
    As one of the most positive signs of the zodiac events of the past few years may have caused even you to be discouraged. But shake it off! You may have failed, things may not have gone the way you wanted, but that experience can be turned to your advantage. Play a long game this year – short term fixes and instant solutions are a waste of time – and 18 months from now you should be reaping the benefits. And if not, just keep on putting in the effort and exuding confidence. You will triumph in the end.

    Fab dates: 15 January, 12 April, 1 August, 6 September, 22 September, 1 October
    Drab dates: 6 January, 23 March, 22 April, 15 October, 29 October, 29 November

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