Where was The Bay season 3 filmed and has the location changed now Morven Christie has left?

Fans might well be wondering—where was The Bay season 3 filmed now the show’s lead star has changed…

Where was The Bay season 3 filmed as the cast returns, now including Marsha Thomason
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Where was The Bay season 3 filmed is the question on many people’s minds as the hit series returned—minus one of its major stars. 

Following the important and emotionally demanding work of Family Liaison Officers, The Bay series 1 and 2 captured viewers’ hearts with its blend of dark moments and intriguing reveals in the pursuit of justice. Now The Bay season 3 has finally landed, though there will be fans still wondering why did Morven Christie leave The Bay before this latest instalment. In her place new character DS Jenn Townsend has arrived in the coastal town and is immediately thrown in at the deep end with the murder of a promising young boxer, Saif. With the team hoping to learn more and support Saif’s family, this promises to be an investigation fans of fellow police dramas The Long Call and Manhunt The Night Stalker will love.  

But where was The Bay season 3 filmed and how has Morven Christie's departure affected the crime drama's location? We reveal all you need to know as The Bay season 3 continues…

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Where was The Bay season 3 filmed?

As some might well have expected given The Bay’s sweeping seascapes and very appropriate name, the popular crime drama is set in the Lancashire town Morecambe which lies on the southern coast of Morecambe Bay in Lancashire. Anyone who loves the ocean views in Shetland series 6 or Vigil will no doubt find themselves transfixed by The Bay locations. And unlike some shows, The Bay season 3 was actually filmed in and around Morecambe itself. 

uildings standing in Morecambe, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom on Monday 2nd May 2016

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As reported by Lancashire Live back in 2021, camera crews had been glimpsed across the county as The Bay filming began. The publication went on to claim that during an online forum, Susannah Bleakley, the Morecambe Bay partnership chief executive officer revealed an exciting landmark that was set to be added to the show’s intro. 

She reportedly shared, "Anna Gillespsie is the artist who did that amazing The Ship sculpture at Half Moon Bay which is something that has come up for us recently. I had to sign off permission for The Bay crew to film the sculpture recently. It's going to be used in the opening credits of the show. We have actually invited Anna to do a talk for us about the sculpture."

Half Moon Bay stretches up the coast from Heysham Harbour and has spectacular views across Morecambe Bay. Reports also emerged that last year The Bay was spotted filming in Heysham village as well as Queen’s Street in Morecambe. 

Morecambe seaside, Lancashire

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The Bay series 1 and 2 were also filmed in and around Morecambe and The Bay’s writer Daragh Carville has previously opened up to RadioTimes.com about why he chose to set the show in the town he’s made his home. 

“Morecambe’s right on our doorstep, and when our kids were young we’d bring them to Morecambe and it was a place that I always liked,” he told them ahead of the first season. “It’s a really interesting mix of things, because on the one hand it’s very striking, it’s beautiful, it’s got extraordinary views out across the bay towards the Lake District. But it’s also got that very distinctive British or Irish seaside town quality, because as with many seaside places, it has slightly lost its raison d’être.”

He also revealed that he took inspiration from the way Morecambe isn’t often featured in TV shows or similar media. 

The Bay season 3 starring Marsha Thomason

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“One of the reasons I wanted to write this story and to set it there was just simply because nothing had been set there before,” Daragh said. “And I think there’s something really important about seeing your own life represented on screen or on stage.”

And when it comes to filming and retaining that sense of Morecambe it seems the show even went as far as shooting scenes in the town’s actual police station. 

“It is indeed a working police station,” he explained, though he admitted that “without wanting to ruin the magic of television, the exteriors and the interiors are filmed at different places.”

The Bay new cast member Marsha Thomason

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Over the series exteriors for the police station have been filmed in Morecambe, though a disused police station in Manchester was the location for the interior scenes that take place in police HQ in The Bay. When it comes to the question where was The Bay season 3 filmed it seems there’s nothing like the real deal to bring a location to life and the Lancashire coast is the perfect backdrop for this compelling drama series. 

Has the location changed since Morven Christie left The Bay?

For long-term viewers of the hit ITV show the arrival of The Bay season 3 on January 12th was likely a bittersweet moment. After months of waiting and enjoying other dramas like Stay Close and Showtrial in the meantime, thriller fans would’ve been excited to see The Bay back on their screens, though season 3 is of course missing a major and much-loved figure. 

The Bay series 1 and 2 starred Morven Christie

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DS Lisa Armstrong played by the wonderful Morven Christie throughout The Bay series 1 and 2 was a brilliantly empathetic and determined character. Sadly Morven left the show and her role before season 3 which might perhaps have left some people wondering just how much more might change about the show when it returned. But whilst Lisa might have been replaced as the principal character by the equally talented Marsha Thomason as DS Jenn Townsend, The Bay location has remained the same. 

The already dramatic events of The Bay season 3 also take place in Morecambe, with many familiar faces from the show’s series 1 and 2 cast returning. It seems the only truly major change to take place so far is the introduction of Marsha as Jenn, with her fellow on-screen colleagues, police force and local area all staying as they were. 

The Bay season 3 cast

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This will likely have come as a relief to some fans, though it was always hinted that Morven Christie leaving would not radically change the style of The Bay they’d come to know and love. As reported by Hello! Magazine, The Bay’s producers previously released a statement regarding Morven’s decision to leave and referenced how they were going to keep the “DNA” of the show the same. 

"The show’s producers thank Morven for her brilliant contribution to The Bay and wish her every success for the future,” it stated. “While the DNA of the show remains the same, the change of lead offers up the exciting opportunity to place a new character at the centre of the drama and explore the world of Morecambe from a fresh perspective." 

How to catch up on The Bay season 3

As with each of the gripping previous instalments, The Bay season 3 is six episodes long, allowing for plenty more emotional revelations and evidence gathering as the investigation to uncover who murdered aspiring boxer Saif heats up. The Bay season 3 episode 1 aired on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday, January 12th and the following episodes will be broadcast in this same scheduling slot over the next five weeks.

Anyone living in the UK can also head over to the ITV Hub to watch not only the season premiere if they missed it (or want another go at spotting any significant clues!), but all of the upcoming episodes. So if you just can’t wait to see the team track down the killer then you need not wait until The Bay finale airs on ITV to discover the truth. 

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Now you know where The Bay season 3 was filmed, there's plenty of time to check out all the previous series ahead of the next episode airing. That's if you haven't already binge-watched your way through the latest instalment already...

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