This super simple trick will help you get the sand off your feet in a flash this summer

Heading off to the beach during summer is one of the season's simplest pleasures.

Enjoying the warmth of the sun, the refreshing breeze from the sea, and the sand between your toes - nothing symbolises a summer holiday more than a day spent at the coast, be it here in the UK, or abroad.

But with the joys of relaxing at the beach comes a few irritating quirks. Perhaps one of the biggest being the sand sticking to your feet long after you've packed up your towels, sandals and suncream.

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The combination of wet skin and sweat (gross), means that our bodies are the perfect place for those pesky little sand particles to stick to, and it often means you're finding grains of the stuff all over you days after the holiday has ended.

But one user on Mumsnet has found a brilliant life hack for solving the annoying problem, suggesting you simply throw a load of talcum powder on your feet to get the sand off.

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Writing on a thread on the forum about summer holiday tips, she explained, 'Chuck a load on your feet to help brush off the sand that’s stuck to them. Works like a charm.'

And it seems as though there's logical evidence to support the handy tip too. By applying talcum powder to your body - or a similar substance - you're allowing the talc to suck up the moisture from your skin, meaning the sand should slip off your dry skin much easier.

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We reckon the tip would work equally well on other parts of your body too. Perhaps try tipping some onto your hands before you tuck into a post-beach ice cream - or your legs, after a long swim in the sea?

Will you be trying this easy hack the next time you're at the seaside?

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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