Fans left stunned by Lorraine Kelly's incredible transformation: 'Amazing!'

Lorraine Kelly
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Lorraine Kelly has been a popular face on our screens for years now, with many of us having grown up with her TV shows.

But the presenter still managed to shock her fans recently, as she joined in the current social media challenge trend, the #TenYearChallenge.

The 'challenge' sees people post a picture of themselves from 10 years ago, alongside a snap of themselves now - to show how they've changed.

And yesterday, 59-year-old Lorraine took part - sharing a photo of herself from recently, and a picture of her 10 years ago, at age 49.

Her legions of fans were floored by the image, with many commenting that the presenter looked even better now, 10 years down the line.

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One wrote, 'Always look lovely , but I think you look better now x❤', while another said, 'It’s not fair you haven’t changed a bit. Still kept your youthful looks. Look gorgeous then and now.'

A third fan commented, 'Seriously! Can’t believe you are going to be 60... just amazing 🙌 🤩🌈 whatever you are doing, keep doing it.'

While a fourth said, 'Wow you look amazing 10 years later x', and another wrote, 'Like a fine wine you get better with age 😁x'.

We reckon Lorraine looks just as incredible now as she did 10 years ago!

But Lorraine isn't the only daytime presenter to take part in the tounge-in-cheek challenge sweeping the internet at the moment. The Loose Women panellists also took part recently.

Fans were treated to a ten-year flashback from Ruth Langsford, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha.

The change in Ruth was perhaps the most striking, with her 2009 picture showing her with dark brown hair, rather than the signature blonde we all know so well nowadays.

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She confessed, "I realised that blondes really do have more fun. Who is that - who is that woman?!"

However, Coleen reassured her that she looked as good then as she does now, saying, "You looked gorgeous though!"

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