The specific mood lighting that’s said to boost libido

How you can easily increase your likelihood of having sex, according to a study...

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Feeling in the mood for some sexy time? The first thing most people do is dim the lights, but it’s the color of the light that could actually be the key to getting more sex.

You might have picked out the best vibrators, but if you're wanting to use them with a partner and guarantee that you’ll both go the whole way between the sheets, then you might want to change your lightbulb.

A new study from lighting supplier ElectricalDirect has found which lighting hue  is most likely to get you in the mood for love – and it looks like simply wearing your best bra and sexy knickers isn’t enough. 

The report analyzed the color HEX codes of 50 of the most memorable and heart-racing sex scenes in movies and television, to determine which lighting shade was most popular. So here’s what light bulbs you need to prep for increased chances of passion in the bedroom...

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Brown is the shade that is most likely to get you laid, according to the data. The majority of famous sex scenes (52%) used a warm hue but the most popular color for getting down (and dirty) has been revealed as a caramel shade of brown.  

Famous scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey, Game of Thrones and Atonement all used this warm hue of lighting. 

Does lighting actually have any effect on sexual desire?

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Warmer lighting is well-known for elevating romance, with classic candlelight and sunrise/sunset providing the lighting for many romantic moments.  

But what about libido? According to a 2016 study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, lighting has a great effect on the testosterone production of men.  

When exposed to brighter light, men have been proven to experience three times more sexual satisfaction, with an increase in testosterone from around 2.1 ng/ml to 3.6 ng/ml after just two weeks – so lighting can really get them in the mood. 

But before we all rush out for a giant spotlight as they have in the movies, which fills most of us with fear, let's see whether lighting affects anything else...

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Can mood lighting help confidence in the bedroom?

An unsurprising fact is that poor body image in women leads to a lower sex drive and satisfication, which is why women generally prefer to have the lights off during sex. 

A study by Harris Poll commissioned by medical aesthetics company Cynosure found that 62% prefer sex with the lights off. Of those, 23% of the women indicated that it’s because they don’t want their partner to see their body. So how can we make sure leaving the lights on makes us comfortable with removing our best shapewear ?

Vanessa Marin, psychotherapist and sex therapist, believes warm lighting is the solution to this body image issue. She explained, “In general, most people tell me they like warm tones that feel soft and flattering against the skin. For a lot of people, having nice lighting is about feeling confident in their own skin. Soft lighting helps them relax, and turn off their self-conscious brains.” 

And when people, particularly women, feel more comfortable in their skin, their sex drive increases as a result.

And what about outside the bedroom?

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Different hues of lighting are also used widely to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which can change a person’s mood in their day-to-day life.

Dominick Sandford, director at ElectricalDirect added, “Candlelight is obviously associated with romance, but in a bedroom setting it isn’t always the safest lighting option.  

“Those looking to achieve the perfect lighting for romance can achieve the perfect shade by using a vintage style bulb. These are 2200k, which is a light temperature between candlelight and sunrise and at 4w is the perfect dimmed light for intimacy.” 

The Top 14 shades of lighting most likely to get you in the mood for sex

  1. Caramel Brown
  2. Blue
  3. Nude
  4. Purple
  5. Green
  6. Red
  7. Grey
  8. Yellow/Green
  9. Light brown
  10. Blue/Green
  11. Blue/Pink
  12. Mauve
  13. Peach
  14. Brick
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