Soak & Sleep are offering up to 40% off on these much-loved pillows for a better nights sleep

Are you after some new bed linen?

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The average person spends around 26 years of their lives in bed, so it's always worth making sure that yours is as comfortable and supportive as possible. That means having the bestpillow money can buy, the most soft and cosy bed linen, and an actual bed that you love diving into at the end of the day.

And, this often means ditching our tired old bedsheets that we've had for decades, and blankets that really should have been binned years ago.

Thankfully, popular bedding brand Soak & Sleep are here to save the day - with their incredible clearance sale of up to 40% off.

They are offering brilliant discounts on mattress toppers, protectors, bed linen, duvets, pillows, and all your bathroom needs too, such as towels.

Shop the Soak & Sleep up to 40% off sale here

We reckon there are some great bargains to be found in the pillow section of the sale, where their Duck Feather & Down Pillows are up to 30% off, down to £22.50 from £30 for a standard size 2-pack.

Duck feather and down is often regarded as a great, natural filling for a pillow, providing you with a soft but stable place to lay your head at night. It is often considered very durable too, meaning you shouldn't need to replace your pillows for a good few years after purchasing.

You can also pick up some synthetic pillows that Soak & Sleep state are "as good as down", from just £14 too. Synthetic pillows work better for allergy sufferers - and according to the brand, these are a brilliant alternative, offering a super soft and lightweight pillow with a range of firmness options.

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For those with a higher budget, there is also a Canadian Goose Down Superking Pillow in the sale, for up to 25% off its normal price.

Goose down is larger and stronger than duck down, and will also be warmer and more supportive too. So if you really want to treat yourself (and your head and neck) to a superior sleeping experience, this could be the option for you, at £138.

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