What will social distancing look like for nail salons in the UK?

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As one of the services deemed “non-essential” during the lockdown, nail bars have been waiting with bated breath to find out when they can open again in the UK.

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave many beauty salons and nail bars hope that they soon would be able to start reopening, as he announced plans to ease the lockdown restrictions in England.

As well as confirming that the hospitality industry would be able to begin opening up again, the PM confirmed previous assertions that hairdressers would be able to open again from early July. There was no mention of when massage therapists and other face-to-face services might be able to resume, however.

When can nail salons open again?

From July 4, hair salons will be able to reopen again with full social distancing measures in place and restrictions enforced to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This comes after months of infamous “lockdown home-haircuts” being shared over social media and different beauty associations demanding guidelines from the government about reopening. But when can nail salons open again?

On June 23 after outlining plans to open hair salons, Boris Johnson told the House of Commons, "We also intend to allow some other close contact services such as nail bars to reopen as soon as we can when we are confident that they can operate in a Covid-secure way."

For England, this unfortunately means that nail bars won’t be opening for the foreseeable future.

In Northern Ireland, a potential date for nail bars to reopen has been set for July 6 according to reporting by the Independent. While in Scotland and Wales, hair and beauty salons, nail bars, piercing and tattoo parlours all must remain closed for the time being.

Although, the Welsh government has confirmed that they will seek the guidance of Welsh ministers on the subject and that businesses 'may be opened at the request of a Welsh Minister of a local authority if needed to help facilitate a social purpose'.

What will social distancing look like for nail salons in the UK?

When can nail salons open again?

In order to ensure health and safety for all those in nail bars when they are eventually allowed to start reopening, there’s likely to be strict social distancing procedures in place. The government has previously outlined guidelines for businesses to make them “Covid-19 secure”.

These guidelines include:

  • Encouraging clients to use hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities when they enter the premises.
  • Limiting the number of appointments to ensure that 1m+ social distancing rules can be upheld.
  • Clients attending appointments on their own and waiting areas closed.
  • One-way flows through the salons with designated entrance and exits if possible.
  • No walk-ins and an appointment-only system in place.
  • Covid-screening questions before the appointment, e.g. Do you have a new and persistent cough?

Many hairdressers have already stocked up on PPE in advance of their reopening, with plastic screens being installed at receptions and face masks being worn by all those coming into contact with clients.

To adhere to the government’s Test & Trace programme, businesses will also be required to hold onto your details for 21 days and hand over information surrounding your visit if requested.

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